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A woman must always wear shoes she can run in

As I was reading web papers today I came to listen to a slam poet reading. I’m not that fond of slam poetry. As of course – I could certainly not do it myself, as I’m not that skilled! Yet, … Continue reading

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Modern Times (life and love in texting)

  Hello! I’m good! I’m in a bus. I’m traveling now to a new place. Tomorrow I will be home. Our journey will end today. This is my last place to visit. I love you so much I love your … Continue reading

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Once I looked for Mr. Goodman

Once I looked for Mr. Goodman. He was a good Christian man, but he never made it and I went on alone. And then the American people elected Donald Trump as Mr. Goodman, well “fuck you”: Mayor of London, Pakistani … Continue reading

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Love you as you are

I’ve gained 6 kilos and you’ve lost 2 kilo. I’m too fat and you are too skinny. I’m too old and you’re too young. I intends to improve your thinking, I said. It’s nothing wrong with that if you in … Continue reading

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Youth is an awful and painful time in life – an enlightened eternal now without memories and shadows. Only sentimentality can provide relief, shadings and distance and create sweetness to life and to what was back then – make the … Continue reading

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Black and white and bleeding red

 (Short story about black and white, and bleeding red)     It’s snowing heavily, whitening my whole world, while I slowly walk my old and stiff joints to the bus stop. I shuffles clumsily through the slush, while I try … Continue reading

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