(Oh Carol) I think I’ll retire and start write literature criticism!

I was chatting again with him today, him –
the one who has designated me as his first
and greatest and only one love forever and
ever. And it’s as terrible as listening to Neil
Sedaka’s howling Oh Carol. Verbatim! And
I’m like pushed into a corner no way past his
wide open arms and no hearing protection
for my bleeding ears!

Once I started writing romantic poems and
discovered that was my thing, my niche. But
now with him, I cannot write anymore and
without writing I have nothing but boring idle
and lonely days. (I suffer too, he to know!)

And I’m feeling like being slowly strangled by
this man’s love excesses, it’s repellent and it’s
not love that fills me by his words but disgust!
Never more romance in my heart or in poems
for me! And I have told him I don’t want this!

(But he doesn’t listen but keep on howl his “Oh
Carol, I love you so and without you I will surely
die!” Oh, I wish! Lord give me peace and silence!

I think I’ll retire and start write literature criticism!

rose, whiterose, white




“Oh Carol” by Howard Greenfield / Neil Sedaka (1958)

Oh! Carol, I am but a fool
Darling, I love you though you treat me cruel
You hurt me, and you made me cry
But if you leave me, I will surely die
Darling, there will never be another
‘Cause I love you so
Don’t ever leave me
Say you’ll never go
I will always want you for my sweetheart
No matter what you do
Oh! Carol, I’m so in love with you
Oh! Carol

Soft and sweet cover, very seducing 😉

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