The road to hell

Liv Strömquist SL Konst Slussen september 2017

The Swedish Democrats (SD) is a nationalist and social conservative political party. It was formed 1988 by people with roots in Nazism and racism, once a small extremist party with no influence but after a couple of decades it changed orientation, leading members to become more comme-il-faut in the public eye.

2005 the party got a new leader trained with focused on PR and he has since worked hard to get away from the party’s roots and change its bad reputation by modifying its focus in order to get more voters and power. He describes the party as ”socially conservative”. Lately SD has shown a particular interest in the health system and old age care issues, two sectors now in bleeding crises and affecting most Swedes personally, one way or another.

No matter the makeover, it’s still an extremely nationalistic and anti-immigrant party with right-wing sympathizers, who are active racists, homophobics and Islamophobics and share their views at different forum on the Internet. The party has still only one explanation to social problems, they are caused by the migration and especially by Muslims, who all are considered to be criminals and rapists. If “we” expel them all, peace will come to us.

At first, SD was only represented in local town councils but since 2010 it is also established in the Swedish parliament. ”No one” in Sweden believed that could happen “here!” Particular not the members in the established parties. And members from SD was treated as ”personae non gratae” by the other politicians in the parliament and in municipal councils .

Members in the other parties responded to having SD politicians around them in the political environment by freezing them out, ignoring them by pretending not to see them and refusing to greet them and even excluding them from various political activities. Classic Swedish adult bullying methods.

And it did not work. And now when SD has become the third biggest party in the parliament, they can’t be ignored and it’s only the government party The Social Democrats (SAP) that try to keep this denial method, though to the benefit for SD who gains some more supporters from SAP.

Thus, SD appeared as victims and got peoples’ sympathy, that and the party leadership’s firm efforts to clean up the party’s bad reputation has succeeded well, despite constant scandals of inappropriate behavior from individual members of all the kind you can think of. And the party continue to grow.

Simultaneous has the Swedes experienced a mismanaged healthcare system, that seems falling apart. This is something every single citizen actually has personal experience of as the general healthcare connect and reach everyone on every stage in life from infants, schoolchildren, employees and old age people. Therefore, to focus on deficiencies in health care and the elderly care gets resonance in the most people.

The three bourgeois governments in the past decades have also caused cracks in the welfare. Their contributions to society have been deregulation of vital social functions such as post offices, railway traffic, electricity markets, pharmacies and elementary schools and colleges, combine with lower taxes for employees and deteriorating living conditions for unemployed and pensioners. It all for the conservative political ideology that tells to reduce state power is for the good of society. But in reality has this idealistic idea caused dysfunctions in different social sectors, increased the poverty and exclusion and for ruthless profit give constant increasing higher electricity prices and so on.

”Tomten Sture”. school magazine ”Ängarydsbladet”, Ängaryds skola, Tranås)

For example, we live now with poorly functioning rail traffic causing constantly frustration for ordinary travelers and the private Post Company repeatedly degraded its services and become known as not deliver letters as it should. (Heaven knows when my two times sent receipts on paid animal care to the insurance company will reach the recipient, maybe Santa Claus knows? I surely need the money as animal care is damn expensive. Happy if I will get my insurance money to Christmas, Santa!).

The worst, however, happened recently when these now private pharmacy companies were unable to provide their customers with life vital medicines because of too short storages. This pharmacy mismanagement escalated when hospital surgical wards around the country were forced to cancel booked operations several weeks ahead because they had not received essential medical supplies. One director was fired and the disaster ended up on the government’s table. So in the end must the so called ”the state” act as a cleaning lady for the private markets incompetence to manage key social functions.

Another thing that at first appeared to be an achievement but became the opposite was that the present prime minister’s was able to dissolute the so-called ”alliance”, the cooperation between four liberal parties formed 2006. This dissolution of the ”alliance” was a primary goal for the Social Democratic Prime minister to split the bourgeois parties obstructive doorman position but little did he know what the future result would be. It has now ended up 1. us to have a social democratic government that governs with the help of two liberal parties with a budget and government declaration passed in parliament by two Conservative parties. And 2. these two small conservative parties are now after the loss of the ”alliance” like two orphans – and where to go? Well, the now third largest party SD opens its arms … And small talks have already begun.

Jimmie Åkesson, leader for The Swedish Democrats

There are complex structural factors out of the hands of politicians and governing officials and contributing feral unethical private markets and banks which have use the society to enrich themselves, that have converged to pave the way to today’s confusing political arenas. But it all ends up in this: the right-wing movements have gained power and influence over peoples minds and over the politic solutions. And the SD party leader smiles so very big, like a cat just ate the mouse.

The years gone by have made the SD party members trained in the political work and its leader is obviously designedly schooled for the job. After a long time of sickness 2014 for burnout disease, he returned metamorphosized to one of the most skillful politician for decades in Sweden. But you rare see that in people returning from a sick-leave, so what was that about? What money-rich social forces are behind this man and this party? I don’t know and I only speculate and ask, but it’s about time our skilled journalists start researching those unknown and hidden marshlands.

Anyway, now again the party has miraculously grow even more: according to the latest opinion polls reported the last days it has now shown to be Sweden’s second largest party! This encouraged the SD members at their last party convent In November to focus on the next election 2022 with the goal to win the election and take the government power – with the help of the two small conservative parties in the Swedish Parliament.

The party leaders of these two conservative parties have not been asked if they are willing to become support parties for a nationalist party with a racist agenda and an anti-democratic culture policy, but to ask to have the dance is perhaps less important for the Sweden Democrats. Actually those two buffoons invited separately the SD leader for a coffee and chat.

So, whether these parties want to support a party that has made a career similar to Hitler’s Nazi Party during the 1930s and with a similar agenda, remains to be seen. But it doesn’t look good. Hungary as SD’s voiced role model for a democratic state should not be ignored, not even by blinded conservative politicians. Nor that SD politicians already make interventions on the local level in communities about which public art should be purchased. The lowering of the Pride flag in the municipality of Sölvesborg and the proposal to create a cinnamon bun flag for the local community house and for the whole country suggest ”the cinnamon bun day” as a coming national holiday, that may not be in line with what normally talented conservative politicians would dare to dip a toe in?

Apart from the stupidity in SD’s cultural ideals and ambitions, there is a rule that politicians decide on financial contributions to cultural activities but refrain from deciding on the content in these activities. It’s called The Arm’s Length Principle.

At SD’s convention in November it was declared that SD wants to shut down the Public Service to a minimum as, according to them, TV and Radio mostly offer low-class entertainments and Public Service is, SD claims, overall controlled by ”left-liberal” journalists and therefore gives TV and radio media viewers and listeners a distorted picture of reality.

The party itself has a lot of media magazines and websites, spreading its ideas. But they are freely associated to SD and therefore free to be more outspoken. Both Google and YouTube are co-runners, as those web sites constantly comes up when I search information on Internet. That’s how I found out those media now are spreading ”information” that the protesters in Hong Kong are ruled by ”leftist groups from West”.

SD oriented magazines with their tailored ”truths” must undoubtedly be classified as ”fake news” and hate speech. In other words, lies and slander. Just like China’s propaganda machinery.

Privat photo Linköpings bibliotek vonnely juli 2014

SD proposed on its last convent that the libraries activities should be controlled by the politicians. Books in other languages than Swedish shall be prohibited from being purchased – with later was corrected that books in the other Scandinavian languages can be allowed. Further, they claims residents who have not Swedish citizenship should not be allowed to borrow books on the libraries.

Earlier this autumn, a SD politician tried to influence the local library in Täby (Stockholm) to return an invitation to an author to lecture on LGBTQ issues. The SD politician wrote in a mail “To criticize norms or question the obvious relationship between man and woman and our gender identities we consider to be destructive.”

Liv Strömquist SL Konst Slussen september 2017

According to SD, politicians should also be allowed to decide which art may participates in municipal art exhibitions, only art that shows ”good taste” and ”Swedish norms” may be displayed publicly. Specifically, Swedish Democrats find what has come to be called ”menstrual art” particularly disgusting. ”Who wants to sit at home and eat with such paintings on the wall?” was a rhetorical question to a journalist. “At home”?

It was these attacks on the independence of our municipal libraries that led me to write this article. This, because I grew up in a poor farm worker family and the school library and later the municipal library was my way out and into education, I would never have written a line of this article, without our public independent libraries open to everyone. So those SD’s threat about the libraries services made me see red, furious.

Stockholm Pride 2019, Ebba Busch Thor, Party leader for KD Christ Democrats (Conservatives)

Another SD politician has searched response in Parliament to criminalize PRIDE parades, as he apparently feels that those who participate in these street festivals look like ”freaks”. I have already mentioned the ban on the Pride flag. It has actually already been introduced in two Swedish municipalities. And SD want to forbid this flag in every Swedish city.

However, SD politicians’ main object of hatred is not primarily homosexuals, but ”migrants” and especially ”Muslims” and in particular what one SD man called ”Arabs”, which he said are ”the world’s biggest scum”.

SD’s social analysis is: If Sweden bans asylum immigration and expels all migrants who already live here, especially ”Muslims”, Sweden alleged declining welfare system will be saved and our greatness as a nation reinstated.

But what will SD do with Zlatan Ibrahimović?

And will Muslims living and working in Sweden but without citizenship be allowed to eat a cinnamon bun to our holy Swedish coffee breaks? Our famous “fika”?

Exciting to see!

But my son and I loose talk to emigrate 2022 but where to…? A house at the seaside in Portugal would be wonderful.

Art and politics, Sölvesborg community, Sweden, collage by vonnely


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