Hongkong on the screen

rose, white

rose, white

Train hostess in China
What does she see?

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (2017)








The Swedish PEN club has given the Tucholsky Prize to the publisher Gui Minhai in his absence, imprisoned in China for years. Which last week caused China’s ambassador in Sweden to seriously and in aggressive words threaten the Swedish government and the Swedish Minister of Culture if she attended the ceremony on Friday, (November 15 this year). Participation will give ”serious consequences” for individual Swedes and for government members, the ambassador declared. Individual Swedes have demanded that the ambassador should be expelled from the country for his (repeatedly) verbaly aggressions and threats. But the Swedish Foreign Minister said ”it is not relevant with sending away any diplomatic, as she believes in dialogue”.

Yes, sure she do! ^^ 😦

But of course, the Minister of Culture participated in the ceremony, giving the award and hold her speech as planned. And today I’m happy living in the city Linköping, as reading in the news ”our”  mayor – who after a friendship association in Kanton declared its intention to come and visit ”my” city – told the group is not welcome under his host, and this because of China’s threats against the Swedish ministers. The mayor said it’s unacceptable. Yes, really!

Minister of Culture Amanda Lind during the prize ceremony at Swedish PEN Club rewarding Gui Minhai on Friday 15 Nov 2019

Minister of Culture Amanda Lind during the prize ceremony at Swedish PEN Club rewarding Gui Minhai on Friday 15 November 2019

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