The grief in the tiger’s eyes

The grief in the tiger’s eyes,
it reaches down the bottom
of my soul, it’s I in the hidden.

In a cage, starved and deprived its dignity
the tiger looks beyond you as it has learned
humans aren’t human and it expects nothing
than finally die there in dirt and its own feces.


Sorgen i tigerns ögon når
ned till botten av min själ:
det är jag, i det fördolda!

I en bur, svältande och berövad sin
värdighet blickar tigern bortom dig.
Den har lärt sig att människor inte
är mänskliga och den förväntar sig
ingenting annat än slutligen dö där
i smutsen och den egna avföringen.

rose, white

rose, white


Add 13 November: I’m thinking today about the rescue people at the zoo in Poland. There are lot of skillful people and trained veterinarians working hard on to rescue those surviving tigers that was found in a truck driving through Poland – which event I’m referring to in the above lyrics.

So, there a many people driven by humanity and empathy for those suffering animals around the world used for attractions but living in misery, suspended from living their intended lives. We must also pay attention to the good in humans.

For example:

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