Ice cream dreams (the end of the road)


It was down minus 25C in Nikkaluokta last night,
that would be alike minus 77 Fahrenheit in USA.
There I am it’s only +3C and to me that’s far too
freezing cold. I have never been in Nikkaluokta,
even though a place in the very far north Sweden.
I have never been in USA either. Nor is my mind
faced to north or west, but to the far south…

He texted me today after days of icy cold silence,
(77 minus at least as in Nikkaluokta) ”I miss you”.
I texted back ”I miss you too” happy to chat again!

I had told him harshly that in my home there will
be no tolerance for his freezing letting down retorts.
He didn’t take it well and given me another sarcasm,
I just logged off and kept me away. Now he writes…

In my quiet home the radiators are whizzing and my
cat is purring, sleeping in my bed. It’s here he wants
to be with me, he always told me. I can’t image how?

I went downtown to buy hazelnut ripple ice cream to
my afternoon coffee, resting from it. Without means,
get a life with him is as far as to travel to Nikkaluokta,
it’s reachless. Frozen desires in a cold winter darkness!

But we should be able to talk, sort out the missteps
in our last chats! Home again, online I explained me.
But instant he said “Are you trying to make me angry
again?”. And then he added ”You’re always provoking
me”. That’s, to my knowledge, is the classic saying for
rose, whitea certain kind of men in relationships who are looking
for a reason for domestic violence. And me, old-timer:

I heard the warning bell rang in me “ting-a-ling” and in
a second I told him a hasty ”Goodbye” and deleted him.

What a luck then he’s further away than in Nikkaluokta!
Out in the cold with him and no grief or missing this time!

I had today my afternoon coffee with ice cream dreams,
still alone as before. And far away in Nikkaluokta ”where
rose, whitethe road ends and the wilderness begins”, there it will be
another freezing night. But southward and in my home
the radiators are whizzing warmly and the cat is purring,
sleeping in my bed and I am actually happy it is as it is.

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