Who is Olga? And where’s she?

Olga Tokarczuk in Bielefeld happy smiling knowing she’s got the Nobel prize for 2018. Bielefeld is the city that according to a conspiracy theory that was created just as a joke, was made to a “truth” by conspiracy theorists, one of modern myths.

Who is Olga? And where’s she? “Everyone” knows by now
who the Other One is and what he’s alleged to has written
and said and not – and what he himself claims he has not
written and not said. “I’m literature, pure,” he says. So can
a man be “literature, pure”? Really? Ask Olga! She knows!

She’s the woman who vanished by the indignant voices,
one added to another to become choirs of hissing Erinyes
on media scenes. And then media editors sum it up for us
readers it’s the right-wing winds now blowing even worse!
Okay? But who caused which winds to blow either way?

Who is Olga? Where is Olga? What has she said, what has
she written? How happy aren’t now the right-wing Poles,
the sword in the flesh disarmed? Where is Olga? Smiling
Olga, so happy she was at first now? Invisiblized? Who is
Olga? Where is Olga? Where did the evil winds blow her?

Yes, where did Olga go? Did she vanish in Bielefeld, the city
we’ve been told to never has existed? Is she not interesting
enough? Didn’t she fit the agenda? Not scandalous enough?

Will the Swedish Lucia illuminate her on December morning
the 13th? I bet some newspaper will publish pics of her dress
at the Nobel Prize banquet the day before. And compare her
dress with the other ladies dresses this year and other years.
We’ll be given pics Olga dancing with some old penguin geeks.

Lucia gbg 2017

Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson and Professor of Economics Richard H. Thaler, US at Nobel Banquet 2017





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