The media game: Hang the man

I started the day as I use to, coffee and a cheese sandwich  and reading newspaper on the web. Big sigh! Another sulphurous debate article against Peter Handke and the Swedish Academy and its members for the choice of Handke to the Nobel Price in literature.


Now: how many times can those newspaper writers hang a man? The man got the prize for his impressive authorship for many decades and he has been mentioned before for the prize! It’s a literature prize and not a prize for his certain imputed opinions or funerals he should not have attended! Okay?

The Swedish Academy may traditionally have consisted of mostly old boys in the upper middle class culture above the head of common people in Sweden and they may have had side off privileges one didn’t know about. But they were and still are skilled and well versed people, in good knowing of the world literature. They have prepared for months reading and talking – and in the end: of all the good writers in this world they have to choose one writer among all for the prize at the certain year. Not a position to envy!

I would have liked to see an author from any African country to be rewarded with this prize and this year I wanted to see an American author get the prize, such as Joyce Carol Oates.  But it is not I who make the choice and I can only accept the authority of the academy!

This year their choice has got media to explode in a manhunt beyond reason and objectivity. It is simply medial bullying and public execution of an author. Again: how many more times will media writers hang the man?

Let me remind anyone it may concern about for instance V.S. Naipul, not a nice guy. And Ezra Pound, he was a fascist. And Knut Hamsun was a Nazi. And I’m sure you now can recall more writers whose moral standards can be questioned! Still they were authors in master class. And that is what we have literature prizes for, to reward the writing done and not to judge authors for their personal life choices and behaviours.

And let me remind anyone it may concern now grabbing a resentful pen, that this kind of medial manhunts has driven some individual  to commit suicide. A few, yes but still! Because behind every public ”persona” there is a vulnerable human being like you and me, not to forget. Be a human you too and a responsible individual and not a part of a raging mob.

And ”God”, let me read tomorrow’s newspapers on the web without any article in favour of or against Peter Handke. He got the prize, you may like it or not, whatever! Pronto!

Photo Thomas Lepori Onceafewmonths

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