Don’t dance to Greta’s words, morons!

Don’t dance to Greta’s words morons, but change your lifestyle! Get sober, get real.

Who is this persona Fatboy Slim? A DJ making millions on a certain music style. Bighearted, ha! 😦 giving some to charity such as to Oxfam, suppose to fight poverty, but scandals using young women and minor girls in Greta’s age for sex purposes. And money!

Quote from: maj 2018
Slim or Norman Quen tin Cook is one of the tremendously popular and richest DJs of the electronic music industry. His net worth is estimated to be around $30 million. He has a monthly income of $0.47 million, makes his annual income to be around $5.75 million. 

About Oxfam BBC 11 June 2019 ”Oxfam criticised over Haiti sex claims”

I think Trump’s and Putin’s slander is harmless comparing and easier for environment movement to survive. They are bullies but not brainless. And now I think they are happy!

(Watch up for the commercials coming here, raping my entry.)

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