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Wisdom Wells

              (translated from Swedish) When summer so sleeps its last rest, the fall flames as fire yet chilly. Then the young hero comes to the Nordic regions to find his Crone, she the wise … Continue reading

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Marmalade love

  I was as made to be the marmalade on his daily bread, now he seems to has lost his sweet tooth and I’m not yet ready to be left, a single sweetie Then he told: I can feel you … Continue reading

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“We have to love more and hate less”

“… This is my charge to everyone! We have to be better. We have to love more and hate less. We have to listen more and talk less. We gotta know this is everybody’s responsibility, every single person here. Every … Continue reading

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“Drink Tap Water in Sweden! Just Like All Swedes Do!”

“Drink Tap Water in Sweden! Just Like All Swedes Do!” But don’t beat up people brutally on the street because they annoys you – and think you will get away with it. I’m not a nationalist and have never been. … Continue reading

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Laundry day

Had a hard day taking the laundry An afternoon nap and I slept deep Woke and my hand searching you and got the fur of my sleeping cat Me and Cat in a freshly made bed My body is a … Continue reading

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Woman of the year

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Three times, three roses

Lars Forssell  (Swedish poet) (1928–2007) Odysseus på Ithaca (from the Swedish poetry collection Telegram, 1957)In the Greek tale, the hero is captured on the island Ogygia by the beautiful nymph Calypso who seduces him with her love and songs. But every … Continue reading

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Greta and the environmental concerns (Greta och miljön)

It annoys me this false devoted heightening of this girl in media here in Sweden and abroad. She did not start her school strike for the environment to be praised by media and or by celebrities, minor politicians or a … Continue reading

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All the difference

  Every evening after dark I take a 12 minutes’ walk around the block. Nor have I ever said, “I want to be alone. I only said, I want to be left alone.” It is the Garbo truth: “There is … Continue reading

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