I met him on the internet

the internet meetings





Aubrey Beardsley (1872 –1898) Isolde


I met him on the internet,
and that is something I will always regret.

He had pics of sparkling eyes, a lovely smile.
Charmed, I was thinking I will chat for a while.

But soon he covered my every waking hour
and he took away from me all my power.

Once I was a lonely woman but now I was his queen.
We were both trapped in front of the computer screen.

Two weeks later he wanted to marry me.
But I said, we just have met, wait and see.
He told me then “for me it’s you or no one,
I’m a serious man and I never do any for fun”.

And you will see, come close on the internet
is something you can’t regret and not forget.

But our first call on phone revealed a boy’s voice,
video calls alike as a younger brother’s lack of joys.

Then, two months on the edge with him planning his life
and telling me all about his love and about me as his wife.

But I became depressed of less love, more of verbal abuse.
I broke up and he told it would kill him as he was of no use
without me and if he no longer would have me in his life.

And then he said to me: coming close on the internet
is something you will always regret, you not to forget!

Therefore I want to tell you about become close on the internet:
as it surely can be something you will regret, “you not to forget!”

We say the same thing, but we all say it from different angles
and we don’t mean the same, yet remember none of us are angels.


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