A bird in hand (Spring rain, pollen season)





When walking home from the grocery in spring rain this last Friday afternoon, I saw all the pollen floating on the streets down the drains and sudden from nowhere I came to think of the Swedish proverb “Better a bird in the hand than ten in the forest”.

Because all the little birds in the wild and free sings lovely here in this my new living area, far from colonies of magpies there I stayed before, just half a year ago.

But the bird I got in my hand this spring crows, despite he is a very young and lovely man,  like an old chained magpie from times back before.

And lately he always turns me down every day, as blaming me for thinking bad about him, whatever is. And I certainly not think well about that his doing. Because these days I begin my days in good mood, but then I talk to him and I become framed with shit from his innocent young white breast.

Every relationships has its ups and downs, he then told when I object. Now know people, this is an online romance and we two lovers have known each other for about two months only, so whatever to say about that – we certainly moving fast to the bitter ending up!

So to all his eager talk about meeting in real life, I just told him last “save your money”, and he said “what do you mean, you always thinking bad, you know I am a serious and hard working man and all I want is to make you happy, so what do you mean by that?”

I can’t say anything so he understand me, so I say nothing but I think in my mind I should change and restrict my settings on my online Profile. And keep ten birds in the forest and hold my hands free from chains in my private life. And think of a happy future on my own.

Because I hear the birds in the woods sings lovely and I know the air there is clear and fresh and one can walk and breathe freely. And I can see where I walk in this day’s spring rain the annoying pollens floating on the streets down the manholes – to be forgotten about until next spring.












(The English version of this proverb is “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, but romantic minded I like more the Swedish one.)

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