I heard a tune on Youtube and wasted my morning
with reading some Swedish song lyrics, the younger
generation. It is that tiny but constant hope to find
something that is genuine and heartfelt. But no?

I said to myself, everyone cannot be geniuses.  Ok!
Yet no doubt the young have skills to do something
of what they have, making a living of it; faking it.

And I slept gray for the rest of the day.

(Forget your young guy who never gets it right!)

But I got a bad dream and I guessed it was because
I want to dump him! Oh, at first he made me sleep
so beautifully! But then he told me his wet dreams
and it ended that beauty!

Yes, life in its simplicity is far too complicated. I think so.
And I find experiences as suffering and longing and hopes
are best in songs to share with others. Happiness and joy
and such are for the real and private life, not so much to
write about. How get around? As I want him (something!).

Anyhow, I wish he had been real stuff! But I guess I’ve to
be happy if I can make good lyrics of a not so good man.

I never asked him “have you lost your common sense how
to talk to a woman?” I just said “I’m tired” and “good night”.

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