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An angry man

              An angry man stands at the corner waiting for me; his arms crossed over his chest. ”I’m ashamed of you” was the last he said to me. But his English is not good … Läs mer

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A romantic dream in color

I heard it said in the old days it’s rare to dream in color. But I now read on the web it’s rather the opposite? I don’t know if it is true or not. My dreams usually vanish from my … Läs mer

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Play it again, Sam!

  I said: Sam, see you in Casablanca! And he shrank to a boy’s voice in a phone with a lousy connection and vanished in the night. Now it’s late and I’m running out of time, but still I’ve that … Läs mer

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Pink dreams

She could hardly sleep at all last night and yet she woke up at four in morning, went up for coffee and checking internet, then quick back to bed to sleep and she woke up again after two dreaming in … Läs mer

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Know me

                  He said Let’s not talk about the past I don’t want to I said I come to your bed with my body and with my NOW and my PAST All that … Läs mer

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Black or white, Edith Södergran

Edith Södergran (1892 – 1923) is a Finnish-Swedish writer and she was a pioneer in the Scandinavian literary modernism in the early 1900s. She never got not much fame for her poetry before her death, rather the opposite. But she … Läs mer

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Traces from the 1960s and March 2019, sounding in a contemporary poem (Algeria)

              Tomas Tranströmer’s poem ”Om Historien” (About History) from the poem collection ”Klanger och spår” (Sounds and tracks) published 1966 I En dag i mars går jag ner till sjön och lyssnar. Isen är … Läs mer

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(Mind matter) Märka ord

Märk nu mina ord, jag besökte er ett tag, men var verkligen aldrig där: ett vingslag mot din kind i natten, du rös till litegrann. Vi bor i Sverige men lever i världen. Våra tankar borde vara såsom svalor i … Läs mer

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Freezing night, glowing heart

          Poem by Karin Boye living 1900 – 1941, my translation for private use only I gladly stand here and freeze at a street below for to see those two windows at a gable glow. The … Läs mer

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And Sam said

  And Sam said ”Lady, you shot me” and he fell back and hasty he bled to death, still in his 30s. Soon 70, I walk my way slow and oldish as life and people have hurt me hard but … Läs mer

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I will see coltsfoot flower this year too

          I have been sitting at my desk today for hours waiting for the blessed words to come to me. But my words seems to have ran out through my door with him who said he … Läs mer

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