The bitter taste of a depressed man





He said, why would I make friends
when people are just fake, I’m lost
in a fake world, I’m 34 and my life
is over. I said I just got a headache!

I woke up too early next morning still
with a headache. I felt sad for me and
for the poetry he had lost grip on in his
life. Him off, I felt both relief and grief,
because I had come to love him a little.
Despite a lot of vinegar in his dressing!

And now afterwards I can still see him
in my mind walks the streets in the city
of Nowhere. Knowing no one and feeling
like no one and counting all his bruises.

Did he ever bother to see me? Maybe he
has simply now made me to yet another
tearing and thorns in his jacket and soul?
Wonder, will he ever get out of himself?

Although he rejected people he had to
marry, he told me, as it was ”expected”.
I said no one forced him to. He asked if
I wanted him to be alone whole his life!

It was there our companionship got its
deadly shot. And I pity the one he once
will marry as he may make her to suffer
neglected as he himself feels like now.






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