A wolf got to do what a wolf got to do

A wolf kills a roe deer at the backyard to a bungalow in a small village Tierp about 130 kilometers north of Stockholm

A wolf hunting a deer into a village was shot yesterday, Tuesday January 29, 2019.

Predators lives on hunting, eating meat. How should we be able to have wild animals in our nature if we do not allow predators to eat the food they are created for to eat?

Human hunters shoot animals for pleasure and not because they are hungry. It’s kind of hobby to kill animals and see them die. But then they motivate their hunting with it is for the purpose to keep different species of animal populations within certain definite proportions in certain areas. And now a wolf has been shot doing the same job!

It’s the policeman at place who decides about shooting of wild animals. I have no objections of them shooting wild animals if necessary. But a policeman have not the qualifications to make the decision to do it. Only trained animal keeper and biologists have that.

Many of us in Sweden live in small villages with wild animals and nature around. And it is what we want to have. But it is certainly not a pleasant experience for anyone that a wolf go astray into a residential area there you live. But this animal was in hunt urges and had hardly any focus on the environment. A dog in hunt fever is in the same statement and it is not any unfamiliar phenomena for people dealing with animals. And such an event is not a threat to anyone around!

But this poor animal was caught of a crowd of different kind of people gathered and for hours and was prevented from get away with its prey. It is said it was wounded, but not really more than some scratches as must be normal for wild living animals. It was not cared pet, for heaven’s sake!

It was a wild wolf and its only “crime” was to be hungry. Hardly a reason to be killed for.

And hardly a reason to be caught in a upset crowd of people, policemen with cars, filmmakers, curious people and animal “experts”… All those crowded people confusing the poor animal – and then say the wolf  “did not behave normal”. Well!

Someone there could have taken the charge and decided to take the killed deer into the wood safe and let the wolf eat it. Or slept down the wolf and transported it into wild woods. Preferably among with its dinner!

The wolf was just hungry, remember!

To change subject to another diet than meat-eating. I’m a restricted lactovegetarian and I would be a vegan if I only my stomach would accept soya products and beans. As I’m also a diabetic I have to compromise with my diet for health reasons. But I could never be an omnivore.

Before this wolf event Swedish new papers have been written lately about a small group of violent animal rights activists. They were active some years ago until justice caught them an put them in jail. Now they are back returning to their criminal harassment of farmers. In their traces follows traumatized farmers and their children – and even the animals those “vegans” say they want to save are frightened, sometimes with deadly outcoming.

As a vegetarian it worries me that inhuman criminals like those people destroy the reputation and the acceptance for us “normal” people who has chosen another diet and simply don’t eat animal products. We vegetarian with common senses don’t harasses others for what they chose to eat.

Nor would I discredit others for different life choices, such as opinions, appearance or clothing, etc. I might not “like” others life styles, but I have no democratic rights to interfere in others life in such matters.

It’s good fighting for “animal rights”. But humans are animals too, remember. And need protection. The world is full of humans mistreated. Women raped as war weapon. Poisoned farmer workers in cotton fields or coffee fields or mining. Homosexual’s discriminated in Africa and Asia, latest horror reports from Chechnya and Tunisia about horrifying torture of homosexuals. And in Sweden – farmers should not get their daily life destroyed because of the threatening actions of a handful fanatics.

Vegetarians is not a homogeny group. Some are vegans of political reasons and they seems to have no problem to eat animal products, naming their food disgusting name like “vegan bacon” etcetera. Then we have the (older) group I belong to, who simply can’t eat body parts from killed animals. It’s for us as disgusting as it might would be for  you if you are a omnivore to slaughter and eat your cat or dog!

Because of those now animal right terrorists latest actions a leader for a Swedish political party has publiced in media a statement for actions to protect farmers, saying she care for the safety of farmers and that she sees this as a democracy question. Further she claims that farmers are doing good things for our society and environment. That last statement can be discussed!

She has not understand the main objection against animal breeding: which is animals are not seen as animals but production units.

The food industry has no interest in to hold a vital countryside with a population or for protecting the environment, they just want as much profit as possible. The treatment of the milk cows’ reproductive organs is an exploitation of a species that is simply disgusting and horrible. The same is to say about breeding hens for egg production. A wild hen would not produce an egg every day.

We should not eat meat or milk products if we can avoid it. But there can be health reasons to keep a limited production utilizing animals – and frankly we need a production of meat for food to our dogs and cats (and other carnivores in zoos). Pets like cats and dogs are carnivores and it is cruelty to try to make them to vegans.

It’s cannot be anyone’s civil right to attack farmers and traumatize their children and terrify the animals in their stables. People doing this should be prosecuted as terrorists and get much harder prison terms than they get now.

The focus on to make a change in the food production cannot be directed on the farmers but on the consumers. And there is already a big change in human consumption behavior, something the grocery shops have adapted quickly to. Veganism is a new branch for money making.

You can’t change people’s behaviors with provocative demonstrations and nasty pictures of suffering animals, or by attack common people with reproaches for to create shame in them for eating animal products. It’s not working.

The only you get from that is that people will hate you for being a vegan. And people do! Sorry to say it , but a vegetarian has to take a lot of shit from ignorant people, even from people working in health care and should know better. Tell me!

If we want to end the exploitation of animals for  food production, we must  make veganism attractive for its nice, healthy and tasty cooking and for to be an appealing choice for how to save the planet  – and then people might want to join you! And that’s the trend now!

The trend will be  green dishes becomes more and more desirable and this change what people want to buy in the grocery stores.

Milk production must simply be made unprofitable and exclusive. Thousands percent raised price on each liter of milk would give the farmer and decent income and make the product to a rare luxury or a medication for sick people or for infants needing extra nutrition.

Yet even the grocery shops more and more adapt to the veganism trend, they have done it in some odd ways: Why must I as a vegetarian have to go to meat dishes with pork and beef steaks to get my vegan products or to the charcuterie corner to collect my vegan cream cheese? Why?

The other day in an unfamiliar shop I was shown to a corner to fetch my can with vegan sandwich spreading – this vegan product was placed above disgusting packages of blood pudding! It seemed to me of the facial expression in the young shop assistant’s face, she thought it was good that I as a vegan consumer had to put up with become disgusted for to be able to buy my goods.

I senses like being brutalized by the shopkeepers as for how they planning their interiors in their stores.

As a consumer I should be able to go to a common supermarket and get my groceries without become disgusted, running the gauntlet between the corners of animal products. It’s just a question of how the merchants plan the interior in their shops. They do not mix cheese and with meat products, so why place the small range of vegan products at the corners with animal products?

I’m so fed up with this! As it is no coincidence, as we all know, that sweets are placed near the cashiers, I think there it is no coincidence that vegetarians are shown such contempt.

I think there are probably the same kind of non-thinking indifferent people causing us vegetarians this inconvenience as those who were crowded around that wolf who only wanted to eat what a wolf is supposed to eat. A wolf is a carnivore, a human doesn’t have to be. We have a choice, the wolf had not.

And despite that, they shoot the poor animal! I became so angry when I read this news about this wolf event I couldn’t and I cannot help myself from thinking as the same as for arrogant merchants “such idiots”!


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