Part-time commitments (perspectives)


In an urbanized and modern society as ours, even “love” has a “best before” date. He always said to her “I could do everything for you,” and he told her his love was “forever”. But in practice his love was a part-time commitment and he was a busy man at his social arena and not much he did for her. Only her idle longing and suffering seemed to be endless and was very unprofitable for years. But as it’s true “time goes by”, she wrote after all her “wasted” years a novel about her fruitless love commitment. And “love” is the same superior topic no matter time. But time had changed the view of men’s world and she was right in time. Her novel became a success and she won a prestigious literature prize, money and a brand name giving her a “forever” living. But he was hanged on the public square in shame and disgrace. While she bought a classy bungalow in France, found a new lover but to soon divorce him too as love and longing is forever timeless, but the actors are regularly replaced. The hanged out man got back on feet and became a guru within his small crowd of still remaining old and faithful friends and he is now writing on a book about love and women and about feeling betrayed. “It will be a killer”, so he tells media. And shameful love and betrayal is certainly an eternal theme, still capable of giving good headlines and a living for some.

All while a dangerously poisoned and still neglected earth, in spite all alarm bells ringing on every square, sighs and dies.


Earth seen from the Moon

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