Cold November (Snow bunting song)

(On November 24)  November Snow

November is now snowing outside my windows,
but where are you in the night so dark and cold?
I live near the Arctic Circle, feeling lonely and old:
when will you come to my Nordic latitude and to
my lone bed to heat my feet and swing my soul?
Tell a snow bunting who misses her summer love!


(On November 27)  Minus, bright Sun

minus and cold
no gloom but bright
sun on short visit at noon
woolen socks, tea in a mug
and an easy chair waiting for you




I have never seen a snow buting and didn’t know about this species before reading on the web about it. But the nature in the video below looks just the same as there I live in Sweden. But it’s from Ontario, Canada, recorded on a train travel. Beautiful scenery! 🙂

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