Evening call in morning light

I miss so much, you to be present
with me. Your smile when you gets
your eyes on me on the screen is just
stunning, your gentle voice makes me
smile and so do your tender touch, if so
only imagined and in my dreams. I’m so
happy we found each other: this is a true
miracle: mutual love – if so on a distance!

Yet, morning comes with hard bright light.
I’m not young and lovely anymore, but old
and idle and walking with a cane while you
still have your young needs, and what may
be for you nothing more than a body for it,
you think you do not have to tell me as it
would only upset me. But, we can all find
online the silver lining that makes our grey
daily life bearable. What was real, we may
never get to know. And happiness is a
choice. Well, that’s what I’m told.





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