Life and love


It’s easy understanding love get difficulties to
survive in daily life for those poor who hardly
have money for the day and are forced to live
in a pitiful hut there rain comes freely through
an airy roof, no protection against heat or cold
or bad and bullied by a cold world without any
compassion for the small and vulnerable. Love
and tenderness comes into trouble, yes!

But if you have your basic needs if so barely but
still can chose to eat food you like, have decent
clothes, a heated house and a door of your own
to lock out what’s unwanted – and yet not have
someone who loves you and makes your heart
beat harder? How is life then for you?

You wish you could be contented with what you
have, as those “know-how” people advice you to,
but your heart is sad and gives you no peace and
you begin to feel unhappy every woken moment,
tempted thinking you could easily leave your safe
life only to get love in life – if so forced to live in a
hut! It would be alright with ”the rest”.

Most don’t believe in that and don’t live like that,
but strive for money and status and fame and good
pensions and they look down at those who do not,
thinking they are romantic and weak fools, having
no goals for life. But nothing can matters more than
getting to sleep close to a loved one’s warm body.

I’m haunted by the unhappiness in my soul that asks
me all the time: What is the point of waking up alone
every morning and face life without you? Nada!


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