Moving into gloomy November


Two weeks not a word from you is a very long time,
two weeks at a new place is too short to feel home.
I’m tired and worn out after all hassle with the move
and I wonders about you, maybe you’re on another
road and direction while I’m stuck here in dead end
resting in an easy chair at a window with a new but
narrow view. It’s a back street with a row of houses
having windows blindly staring back at me in a dark
gloomy damp November fog that embrace the street
and the people passing by. Trees now lose their last
golden leaves in rainy missing tears and indoors in
a new silence, I’m sailing in my mind into the dense
and greyish white mute fog wall out there, telling me
nothing about how it gets or about you. Oh, I’m just
fine, I can’t complain, have what I need. But I miss
you though. I wake early before dawn feeling lonely
as ever and gets sad over my constant everlasting
loneliness. True, you can move to a new apartment,
but never move from yourself. But a Sunday during
my afternoon nap the phone wakes me and it’s you
asking why I been absent lately not given one word
to you. Oh smile! You’re my gleam of light in gloom!
You’re the bird I don’t have in my hand but sings in
a bush only for me. Your’e my lonely longing and I’m
your desire. Come gloomy November or lovely May!




photo private by vonnely November 11, 2013

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