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Igloo wish, December knocking

  I do wish you the best: a better job, safe with good salary and a future, a home that’s warm, loving woman a couple of kids and a good health. But if you still will say you just want … Continue reading

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Cold November (Snow bunting song)

(On November 24)  November Snow November is now snowing outside my windows, but where are you in the night so dark and cold? I live near the Arctic Circle, feeling lonely and old: when will you come to my Nordic … Continue reading

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Evening call in morning light

I miss so much, you to be present with me. Your smile when you gets your eyes on me on the screen is just stunning, your gentle voice makes me smile and so do your tender touch, if so only … Continue reading

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Grayest November in Sweden

  Hidden hate in my heart in Stockholm Sweden in greyest November with daylight less than 8 hours, keep the flame. That’s when an official explains to me how an expandable and adjustable shower curtain rod works. “Buy on IKEA” … Continue reading

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Life and love

  It’s easy understanding love get difficulties to survive in daily life for those poor who hardly have money for the day and are forced to live in a pitiful hut there rain comes freely through an airy roof, no … Continue reading

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Moving into gloomy November

  Two weeks not a word from you is a very long time, two weeks at a new place is too short to feel home. I’m tired and worn out after all hassle with the move and I wonders about … Continue reading

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