So.. what happened in Sweden this Tuesday?

The Prime Minister was voted out of his post today. The new Speaker of the Parliament will now organize and lead the preparing talks with the party leaders in order to choose a candidate  for a new Prime Minister post with the task to form and lead the new government.

It will not be easy as there is 143 members for one bloc (four bourgeois parties united in ”the Alliance”) and 144 for the other (two socialistic parties and one green party in cooperation). The third bloc is the nationalist party (the Swedish Democrats, common shortening to SD) has 62 members.

This third bloc act thumb on the scale, having demands to get power and influence. To enforce their demands they have promised to vote down every try to elect a new Prime Minister and later on make a new government unable to work on its budget – i.e. if they not get influence and power in the coming governemnt: primary over the migration politics.

The yesterday elections of the Speaker and his deputies will not have an effect on the coming government’s politic. Given these post the Speaker gains higher rank than all other member of Parliament, but he can’t longer act politically,  just be a moderator for the whole Parliament in work. Yet the process performed during yesterday elections for the new Speaker and his deputies showed that the majority of the parliament parties can handle this outsider extremist party with some cleverness and discrete cooperation. I think that is good and a bit promising for the coming four years.

Of more importance this day is that a law was clubbed, determining that a number of young people of Afghan origin will receive temporary asylum to finish their high school studies in Sweden. Those youngsters has lived in a hellish inhumane limbo of hope and despair the last few years, supported only in the daily life by voluntary groups of Swedes. But EU might will suspend this law.

More: the Chinese government has complained to Foreign Ministry about a satire program in Swedish TV. Given China’s treatment of Muslims in the country, it’s amusing anything from Sweden has annoyed the Chinese government. But the criticized satire program is actually not good and not at all fun but stupid – in my opinion. And I don’t waste my time watching such crap, but a trailer has been shown at the news when reporting about China’s official protest – and to me this satire seems tasteless, prejudiced and racist – just like the protest tells. But for China’s government there will probably be an upsetting discovery that the government in Sweden is not in control over any media. What a surprise for a brainwashing totalitarian dictatorship!

Further this Tuesday: I read today a chronicle written by an experienced journalist and political commentator. Just that she is such an experienced and well-known journalist and political commentator makes her text so shocking to read. She in her turn is upset that the racist party are maneuvered in the parliament by the other parties, saying that this is the end of our democracy and she fears the worse for Sweden in future.

This, she argues, is because we do not give the extremist party (SD) in the Parliament its rightful influence and we do it, so she says, because ”we do not like their opinions.”

Now you well-educated middle class and middle age white lady woman: racism and oppression against others are not having ”opinions”! It’s to strive to deny people their rightful places and influences in society among ”us other” (native, straight, white, one-eyed or whatever) people in workplaces, housing and in Parliament and doing it by use a rhetoric that is offensive and insulting to individuals who are Muslims, immigrants, not of white complexion, women, Sami, Jews, homosexuals and…

Of 9 million inhabitants in Sweden, we have one million heartless and calcified humans – it’s 17,5 % of the voters in this September election – who have prejudices to all others millions living here and they take themselves the right to bully, troubling and limit the lives of certain groups that is made to be vulnerable people. Lady, who are you to defend those kind having that kind of goals?

It’s not so much the nature of reality that is the human problem, but how we choose to interpret the reality – and the consequences of our interpretations.

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