Hot potatoes

I feel the smell of boiled potatoes from the kitchen newly put off the stove, still hot and now cooling off.

Newly boiled and still warm potatoes is “forbidden fruit” for a diabetic like me. This because a hot boiled potato contains 22/100 gram carbohydrates, which is far too much for those of us having blood sugar problems. But it’s okay to eat a potato that’s cooled, as when you cool it the most of the carbohydrates turns to resistant starch. It feed the bacterial culture in your bowels and it’s a good thing for you. Healthy poop, no spreading of stinky farts!

Luckily fried boiled potatoes is okay to eat, though in limited portions.

But it’s not just the boiled potato that you eat home in your kitchen you must cool down and give a pinch of salt before you consume it. It’s the most of what you hear and read ”out there”, in the public room today. In the West today, the problem for the majority is not to get food for the day, but to filter the amount of information and disinformation that is forced on us all through television, internet media and paper magazines.

In most west countries we are spoiled with having free and independent journalism. This freedom we have is now under destruction by forces that want to undermine the foundations of the democratic society. Strong underground haters want to mess up your head to get the power to create repressive social systems.

It’s like living in a room there spiders creep around everywhere, on your walls and in your bed and in your head. You become confused and scared. What is true and what is lies?

And you got to know, not to go crazy and lose your confidence in the society and not to become a co-creator of societies like Hitler’s Germany, Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy, Mugabe’s Zimbabwe, you name it … If you get there once and will have such mess in decades of hell, you will ask yourself ”how could it happened?” It could happen because you became enchanted by evil trolls that you allowed yourself to trust in.

We are no victims, but acting subjects and the responsibility is ours, always! But where do they come from, those who tries to spirited away people like you and me – and what do they want with demoralize the western democracies?

Sweden is a well-functioning country. The economy is flourish and the unemployment low. We have equality before the law. We are free to have whatever opinions, we are free to have whatever religious faith we have and we are free to love any person we want. You can’t prevent individuals from having prejudices, but no one has any legal right to discriminate anyone for skin color, religion or sexuality.

We have a well-developed welfare system that guarantees housing, food and care for all. Of course, we have poor people who have less choice to shape their lives and we have wealthy people with greater choice. But discrimination is about access to funds and not something integrated into the social system as you can see elsewhere. On the contrary, inequality is perceived as a problem for society, which is important to wipe out as far as possible.

A very few live on the street and a very few lives in castles, but in front of the law no one has a greater advantage than the other. That’s a fact.

On all this all the established political parties agrees. They disagree how to rule the society and what role the market have and should have, in order to keep our welfare and freedom system and improve it.

The key is the mixed economy. In Sweden we have block policy and we are stuck with it. Simply, either the left parties forming the government or the right parties do it. If you vote for either block you vote for 1. either to develop the mixed economy having a state control or 2. undermine it in advantage for a free capitalist market with less control from the state, the elected politicians and common people.

It is not more difficult than that. If you understand these mechanisms in the society machinery, you don’t have to ponder much what to vote for and you can spare your time and avoid all boring and noisy debates on TV where everyone tries to talk over the other and nobody listens to the other.

It’s now on September 9 the elections will be in Sweden to the parliament and to our counties.

The racist party Swedish Democrats (daily only called with the shortening SD) has succeeded to make “migration” to a high ranked topic in this election. It has been made to a hot potato and sadly every democratic party in the parliament has been forced to give some kind of a declaration about this matter.

During the last years SD and other dark sources of disinformation have succeeded to build up a vision of a Sweden in crisis, economically and socially. And it all is caused of the migration, they claims.

It took SD some years to succeed with this, but now SD control the potato agenda – oh: the political agenda, I mean! It’s really a success story and its leader is so happy for his luck he hardly can believe it’s true. But for normal people it’s a slow and painful wake up to a nightmare!

At the same, SD has almost succeeded to whitewash the racist label from the party. Though members of the party have problems to stay away from their close buddies neo-Nazi movement.

The other parties now call SD a “profiled right wing party”. That is really to give them too much credit! To have a conservative political view has nothing to do with anti-democratic endeavors, xenophobia and racism and to make certain groups of people in the society to scapegoats.

SD party is to compare with Front National in France and National Front in UK, similar in roots and fix ideas. (I would not give their world views a credit calling it an ideology, rather it is people with certain idiosyncrasies gathering in groups of intolerant idiots, fearing especially people who are Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Africans, women and homosexuals.

It is clear SD spreads delusions and lies about the Swedish society in both US and far away as in Australia. Even if its leader deny it and wash his hands like Pontius Pilate when asked about it. He and those alternative medial calls themselves “patriots”.

A pen pal in Australia in her 75s wrote this to me:

I do not believe everything that I hear but sometimes you have to wonder just how much truth there might be in an article that you read. Let’s face it no place on earth is perfect. Every country has both its good points and its drawbacks and no one and nothing is perfect. Someone sent me an email that made Sweden seem to be a very unhappy and unsafe place since they have taken in so many refugees. I would imagine that someone is determined to make it look unsafe. I have always thought of Sweden as being a lovely place. We all have our problems and our issues that is for sure. It makes me wonder how much is true and how much is made up to make things look bad?

It was a chain-letter. Why did she get it? I really don’t understand the importance for SD to run campaigns in US and Australia? But of course it’s just a brick of worldwide warfare governed by Russia caused by the perceived and real threat some years ago of NATO sniffing Ukraine in the butt.

That was a real hot potato for Putin and he didn’t cool it off but told West “you will eat in hell” – and now we do!

(Putin himself is a real hot potato that must be cooled down. But not even with salt he will taste good. Luckily he’s 65 year old and he’s not getting younger. There will be a time after him – for us as well as for Russia.) For now Russian money and “alternative media” fabrics and so called trolls are highly active in the democratic elections all over in the western world’s democracies.

Those local members in groups and parties in Sweden linked to these evilness calls themselves “patriots”? But what kind of patriotism is it to smudge and blackening the own country with spreading lies abroad. These people use the democratic society’s rules to undermine it. See how Donald Trump acts in US and you got the picture.

I saw in a newspaper and image of a young woman holding a cute puppy and the headline was “I’m afraid to live in Sweden today”. It was an article in one of our common newspaper and not in so called “alternative media”.

So even established media as BBC seeing themselves as serious channels for information are spreading confusing images about our country. They paint images of burning cars but have they ever visit a Swedish kindergarten? Or a Swedish healthcare center? Or a leisure activity for retirees on a voluntary basis or the similar for schoolchildren but an obligation by municipality society? You get what you’re looking for!

That girl’s fear tells us nothing about Sweden today, but if her fear is real she need psychological treatment! And the newspapers publish such bullshit should take a minute for reflection and consider their social responsibility.

Furthermore, I’ve heard our capital town Stockholm is called “rape city” abroad. That’s really disgusting. If I would choose to walk alone in any city in the world at night, I would choose Stockholm! And I truly mean it!

But there are certainly streets and parks I would avoid in the middle of the night, and that goes for everywhere in the world and even so in Sweden. You can sing the lullaby “The lions sleeps tonight” but I won’t believe you.

Predators will always be there and they don’t sleep at night, nor in the day. But life must be handled, if in well as in bad, and if you can’t protect yourself – you need help from other humans! In Sweden you can at least demands to get a treatment, even if the resources for young people is too limited.

That would be a good issue to discuss ahead the election: today assess to get mental care and support for children and youngsters! And not take up the time to debate if to allow the short exclamations of Friday prayer from Swedish mosques or not. That’s just silly as long Swedish church bells ringing every Sunday and on every funeral there is.

But when a politician tries to discuss essentials, some sophisticated journalist who thinks she’s so damned clever inflicts with a question about ”beggars” or ”refugees” or similar, in fact she’s running the SD errands.

And then Swedish TV can arrange a debate why SD have had such successes. Well, we all participate in the community game, don’t we? One way or another.

The leader of another political party, the Christian Democrats, said in an interview that she is not sure that ”a multicultural society” is compatible with Swedish values. I would rather claim that in view of our Swedish laws and our political aspirations in such as the EU and UN, freedom and multiculturalism are exactly Swedish values, which we have to stand up for.

Has this ”Christian” woman never read the New Testament? Ever heard about Jesus, lady?

The Swedish Democrats claims they want to nourishing “Swedish culture” and what can be more “Swedish culture” than a dinner plate with boiled potatoes, now airing from my kitchen? It’s genuine Swedish food, right!

But of course, google it and you discover this root is once upon a time imported from South America. So what to do?

While media and politicians in the society are fooled to debate beggars and migrants and violent crimes, the Baltic Sea is dying and dying and it just goes on year after year. The Sami people are still discriminated by the state authorities. The beggars we see on streets are often gypsies coming here because they are discriminated in Romania. And the discrimination of Romani people has been existing in Sweden since 1600s. Now they are EU-citizens and they are on our table, whether we like it or not and we can’t forbid them to exist!

Another issue that should be on the table is that we have corruption in Sweden. And even if it’s low compare to… it’s steady increasing, and this can happen because we don’t talk much about it and don’t want to see this as a Swedish problem. We prefer to argue about some beggars on the street, being too visible for our over-sensitive eyes.

We live no doubt in a prosperous country, but the public discourse today is simply disgusting. And it’s the loud and arrogant anti-democratic groups that must be blamed for this.

So congrats to all the destroyers and rapists of all what are good in this country, hoist the flag and sing the national anthem, all while we’ll sink down into a wasted land in violence and misery!

Cheers, bold Viking! BBC now pays you back for ancient times rapes, murders and robberies on the English coast some hundreds of years ago.

One member of the Swedish Democrats is even Deputy Speaker in the parliament – and that is as honorable as being king or prime minister – said earlier this year in an interview that Jews and Same are not real Swedes. Imagine only an American politician saying Jews and Indians are “no real Americans”!

The SD party leader made a medial scandal the other day as he in an interview in a radio channel on Swedish Broadcast, claimed he would close down that channel if he would get in a ruling political position. Saying any like that he can easy be to compare with president Erdogan in Turkey! Being a “real Swede” by his own definition he doesn’t even know a politician cannot close down any media in Sweden. Especially not a broadcast channel!

What do SD wants for Sweden? Who knows, but it’s not any good! But whatever is a nail in their eyes, it’s the Muslims fault! Forbid all immigration to Sweden and all problems and imperfections in our society are solved and us a personal happiness will be given!


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