While the bear is cooling off

As long as the World Cup competition in soccer in Russia lasts, Putin is cooling off. The competitionen will unfortunately end coming weekend. And then after, it’s said Trump and Putin will meet.

But right now 11 to 12 July the NATO meeting is ongoing and Trump started up aggressvisily explaining that Germany is Russia’s hostage, that USA pays too much in everything, “whatever” and ending making a smoothie of all the different budget posts…

Thinking of Trump will meet Putin, the European leaders tries to handle his rage with the diplomat gloves on.

According to the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also prefers to comment on Trump’s aggressiveness diplomatically. But to the same news magazine, the tone is more frank from Stockholm.

In Stockholm, research director Robert Dalsjö at Försvarets Forskningsanstalt FOI (= the Total Defense Research Institute), is more clear about the difference between Donald Trump’s rhetoric and reality of NATO.

Although it is a mad captain on the bridge, so is working in the engine room and the kitchen on board in accordance with established plans. But if the skipper is thinking about putting the ship on ground, that we don’t know. These processes are ongoing in parallel, so he explains.

The same newspaper writes in the same article about research director Robert Dalsjö:

Dalsjö is one of the authors of a study that earlier this year showed that NATO today can not defend its Baltic members against a sudden Russian storm attack. Russia is by far NATO when it comes to quantity, quality and speed in its vicinity. In two days they would reach Latvia’s capital Riga, was the FOI conclusion.

(quoted and translated from DN July 11, 2018)

Ukraine and the Crimea are so to speak in a different direction from the Baltic countries. And Russia has hardly any economic or military interests in the Baltic states reaching for the Nordic countries and Sweden. (Whatever the Swedish parties shouts to the Swedish people, now ahead of the forthcoming election in September 2018.)

If there is a threat from the Russian Bear, there could be that in all these countries, generations of Russian populations, who are discriminated and lack civic rights, like citizenship, like to use their russian language in public, like to vote in public elections, and like to be able to seek state jobs. They are treated as bad as the gypsies are in those countries, gets no respect from common people.

To compare with Sweden: when a prominent politician for Sweden’s largest racist party recently declared that Sami and Jews are not real Swedes, it became a scandal in the media and among people in the whole country, discussing if this person really should belong as an important member of the Swedish parliament.

But discrimination in the Baltics countries of Russians in the same way is okay among people there?

Then, to shout for NATO protection, what about that! How about to review and change their own attitudes and way to treat groups in the own country?

In Sweden, this conditions are never mentioned about our nearest neighbors. But our politicians in debates complains about migrants from Africa and beggars from Romania! What about that!

This, while every summer for years and years, criminals from East Europe comes to our country and attacks isolated living farmer couples, rob them and brutally murdering them with horrible torture methods. Every summer, the same! Likewise, we have every summer gangster gangs from Ireland who’s threatens defenceless old people to allow them to “renovate” their houses, asphalting their garden paths and roofing for staggering costs. It all reported and viewed as isolated events. The one summer after the other.

And of course they don’t have the skill of the craftsmanship!

Neither have nowadays our working politicians.

So what do we do, we ordinary people? Walk with Voltaire and do our own garden?

Whatever that means?



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