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Crisis can create creativity!

An area that’s burning in Northern Sweden is a military shooting field with undetonated ammunition in the terrain, nobody allowed to enter. Today, Army force tries to bomb the fire, to stifle the oxygen supply to the fire. I’m mighty … Continue reading

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“It could be worse!”

Have a bad government with confused ministers who don’t know how to find their own hands in their pockets, wishing for another reign but realise the alternative we would get an even worse government that is not footed, but for … Continue reading

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När skogen brunnit ned (When the forest has burned down)

När skogen brunnit ned och vilar svart och förkolnad spirar ny grönska fram som bidat sin tid under många år. Vi ser att det som förbrändes gödde det som skulle komma. Och vi går här nu, du och jag.   … Continue reading

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Perspective (world closer my door I almost got my toes toasted)

I usually start my day with coffee while I check the news from the world on the web. And ”the world” is somewhere on the other side of Oresund Bridge. But now ”the world” has come close to my own … Continue reading

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What in Helsinki did they talk about?

Media and politicians in Europe and US feared what would happen when Putin and Trump met in Helsinki this Monday. Now, Putin is not the kind of diplomatic European leader that anyone would dare to bully, so the bull didn’t… … Continue reading

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Manifestation at noon today in Stockholm

Today at noon there is a manifestation at the Ambessay of China in Stockholm. One of the speaker is Jojje Olsson. He’s an expert on China conditions and he’s the object for harassment and slander from Chinese authorities. The manifestation … Continue reading

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Donald met Donald (cry to me)

“America, appreciate your allies – after all, you don’t have that many” Donad Tusk         ———————————————————————————————————- The German football coach during the 50’s and early 60’s, Sepp Herberger, once said “Der Ball ist rund und das Spiel … Continue reading

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While the bear is cooling off

As long as the World Cup competition in soccer in Russia lasts, Putin is cooling off. The competitionen will unfortunately end coming weekend. And then after, it’s said Trump and Putin will meet. But right now 11 to 12 July … Continue reading

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And I miss talking to you

        And I miss talking to you, see your smile that comes instantly when you look at me, because it’s me. And I miss sense the heat from your living body, moving around in my rooms. And … Continue reading

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Philosophizes about my (lack of a) love life

I plugged in the wrong end of a cord into my laptop and the electrical system collapsed instantly. Now I sit here without computer and energy, without passion and power and without contact with anyone and I wonder if you … Continue reading

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Now we got July

The summer heat holds you by the throat and presses you against its white endless walls. The days floats away unwritten and at night you are kept awake worried in your bed’s twisted, sweaty sheets. So my friend, now we … Continue reading

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