Fleeing Dragonfly in May

dragonfly steel edblad sweden










I’m standing now afterwards in front of my
mirror and admires my latest jewelry. It’s a
necklace in form of a dragonfly. This ancient
insect has existed 300 million years back in
time, but having a lifetime of only a few days.
Yet its shimmering and fragile beauty belongs
to eternity. It’s a keepsake I wanted to have.

But it was easy for me then, no hesitation at all.
After a long silence he said “goodnight”. I said
the same. I waited polite for the green light to
went out, then I deleted him from my chat list.
I removed his phone number on my cellphone.
The next day, before blocking him, I emailed
him: “About our last chat: I don’t want to have
any more contact with you, I’m sorry!” He can
do whatever he wants to do. But he can’t do it
and at the same have a relationship with me.
I left him faster than an elusive dragonfly.


reading more about dragonflies:



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