An orderly reception, a proposal for how to seek asylum in Sweden

The government in Sweden today is led by the veteran Social Democratic Party (founded 1889) in a coalition with the minor Miljöpartiet (The Green)(founded 1981). This supporting party has been forced to refrain from many of its main issues, not least the ambitions for a liberal refugee policy. The relationship has suffocated the small environmental party and it’s expected not to pass the 4% barrier and get a seat in the parliament after the elections in September this year.

There seems to be miserly with the oxygen in the present Sweden today for the small ones.

In the world we are only a small country with a small population.

By 2017 we became over 10 million citizens in Sweden, 1,9 million of them are born abroad.

By 2015, Sweden had 24 inhabitants / km² (lakes and streams not counted), which is comparable to the average population density of 56 inhabitants / km² (whole area except Antarctica) at this time.

2015, Europe experienced what its governments came to name as ”the refugee crisis”. And the Government of Sweden and our primeminister Stefan Löfven experienced the country as overcrowded.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven

Stefan Löfven was once recruited from the Union Movement. Never a politician before but he was for many years a skilled work negotiator in a trade union, trained to come to a consensus between stand holders. Sudden becoming a politician and the prime minister he took this mediation ambitions with him: far from his predecessor, the conflict-causing Olof Palme, far from wanting to change the society towards increased equality but focused on preserving the welfare system achieved.

He gave his political agenda the motto “ordning och reda”. It’s an old-fashioned popular working class saying, hard to translate as it is a tautology. But it means “to keep things orderly with no fussing around”, “orderly and clarity”. That’s what we Swedes like, namely. Peace between different stakeholders and no mess.

Now, the prime minister chew this motto all the time giving statements. It has replaced old fashion ideals for a working class movement like “solidarity” and “freedom, equality and brotherhood”. And the members of his staff repeat it after him. All the time! And they don’t know how to smile either.

It’s like we have had too much of past generations patiently built welfare system and now suffer of a heartburn – because we (are expected to) fear others want to come to share.

What once was matters of our working-class hearts are now how to dose bicarbonate.

In practice we have no working class party in Sweden any longer. And the Ministers in the current government demonstrate it in their acting over and over again, like the Finance Minister, Trade Minister, Social Affairs Minister…

Labor and integration minister Ylva Johansson with the presented investigation ”Ett ordnat mottagande” (an orderly reception)

And then we have this woman Minister of Labor and Employment, Ylva Johansson! She showed her true colors earlier this year by declare the necessity to restrict the right for the labor unions to strike. This after a very long and infected working conflict between two unions and a Danish employer in the Port of Gothenburg – but she is still a Minister in a government of the labor movement. (Once was…) Now she is in focus again, presenting a state investigation appointed by the government Löfven appointed a ”reception inquiry” during the refugee crisis 2015 and on Wednesday it was ready to be presented.

Investigator Martin Olauzon proposes setting up state arrival centers ”where all applicants have an orderly meeting with Sweden.” There, authorities and other important actors will be in place so that everything goes smoothly and quickly: the asylum process, Sweden orientation, validation, health investigation.

All asylum seekers will have their first 30 days in a state housing. If an asylum seeker are expected to have good chances being granted asylum, he or she can then look for a housing and living on the own. But if expected to have small chances of asylum, the applier must remain in this state housing. If given a rejection decision, the person is then transported to another state residence, there to be expelled from the country.

What is the difference between forced state housing and detention?

What happens in Sweden? Trump talked about it. Sweden will do it.





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