Disgusts! (in Scandinavia today)

Denmark’s government wants to introduce segregation to eradicate segregation. The Danish government has classified 20 residential areas as ”ghettos” and to 2030 they want these areas to be gone. The proposed measures put forward are to expropriate housing  and tear them down. Those who now live there and commit crimes are proposed to receive a double prison sentence against those living in neighboring areas, not classified as ”ghettos”. The person who moves to an apartment in one of these ”ghetto” areas and living on social welfare of any kind are proposed to lose half the contribution. Children of migrants (coming from outside Europe) are proposed to be denied schooling – if they do not undergo a language test in the Danish language and are approved in it …

And the Danes hope to inspire Sweden in the same direction! The only thought make the hair stand on end for a normal Swede! But the Danish have always been happy going fellows with no scruples, not at all alike we withdrawn and stiff Swedes!

Now, one should know that although Sweden’s face outside the country and in the world may seem progressive, human and feministic, having a good reputation for those abroad holding and value humanism – but Sweden has a different face within the country’s borders. We have a Social-Democratic Government, which in practice pursues a right-wing policy with strong conservative values and fully focused on trade policy benefits – even in cooperation with dictatorships. The government’s primary ambition is to ”preserve Sweden”, ie. save the welfare system the former generations of social democratic  governments created during many decades of hard work.

This is done by introducing laws and prohibitions and restrictions, such as shut out migrants by closing the borders, denying help to parents with chronically ill children who need 24-hour assistance at home, chasing what they call ”contributors frauds” to put those cheaters in prison, etcetera. But okay, the Swedish Finance minister has criticizing tax-evicted millionaires, in passing.

The Sweden’s finance minister urged in the parliament the other day ordinary people not to give money to beggars. Because, as she said, one could by that contribute to eventually trafficking of those people and there are terrible living conditions of beggars victims of that.

(But this was, to be fair to her, a response to a right-populated party’s that called for the government to introduce begging bans in Sweden – which she rejected. However, the Sweden’s finance minister has occasionally before slipped her tongue revealing her ultra-conservative and negative views on vulnerable groups of people, like migrants and beggars from Romania.)

Norway has a right-wing government. Finland is traditionally xenophobic and accepts very little of immigration.

(Both Denmark and Norway’s leading parties are called ”Venstre” (The Left) but they are strongly Conservative Social-liberal Parties, why they call themselves ”Left”, I don’t know -but it’s confusing.)

Also in Sweden the Right-wing values winds are blowing cold and the debates are characterized by talk for military arming and a revived fear of the ”Russian” ghost.

Finland is also traditionally afraid of its Russian neighbor – and in historical terms, it has all reason to be.

Finland urge Sweden to join NATO together with them. Sweden’s Foreign Minister has certainly strongly rejected this. Military strategic, it would be a counterproductive provocation putting the whole area in danger, not only Sweden. But as said, the Russian ghost from the 1950’s ”cold war” times has woken up in Sweden. The military is sniffing morning air and requires more and more money and resources, holding press conferences and being very visible in Swedish TV news. And all Swedish parties promise the Military to give all what army want! To keep Sweden safe.

A political investigation initiated by the government about Sweden’s security in an eventually crisis situation, stated in its conclusions that ”a war against Sweden can not be ruled out”.

It’s of course the ”Russian” ghost again, as usual! But why Putin would have any interest in to invade Sweden, that is a real mystery to me!

But yes, the military forces are being upgraded, a regiment has been reintroduced on the island Gotland – the island is the outermost border east to Russia. We have now 350 guys there to defend us Swedes against Putin!


Sweden’s television followed up this investigation – that one who’s chairman loudly and much spoked out in media of that a war in the future can not be ruled out (scaring the shit of common people) – with crisis management advice by experts how every citizen is obliged to get ready for a crisis. Every household is now obliged to  have a supply of food that is enough for a week. Water also, 3 liters daily to drink and 15 liters for hygiene.

How to succeed to drink as much as 3 liters of water in one day was not told! Nor was it told how those millions of refugees in under-dimensioned camps out there in other parts of the world, manage to survive with no supply of food or water, healthcare and toilets for months and years.

We Scandinavians have grown up with the consciousness that we live in a human and kind-hearted part of the world. We can forget about that! We are no better than any other terrible inhuman part of the world. Shame on us, shame on Scandinavia! Give us a break, you buttery Danish Viennese pastries!

It has lately been heavily snowing in Sweden, with several days and nights of very strict life-threatening cold. Yesterday (Wednesday) an asylum-seeking woman lost her common sense for reasons unknown by people around. She took her two children and went barefooted and without warm clothes as jackets out into the snow – and disappeared. Some hours later in the night police with searching dogs found them in a nearby forest hill lying in the snow. The woman was dead, but the children were still alive and are now in a hospital with severe frost damages. They were told there their mother is dead.

Stockholm City Mission is working hard and intense day and night and night to provide homeless with blankets and warm clothes and to give them a place to sleep in shelters and churches at nights.

The only thing that really demands us to stock food for a week in Sweden is actually the weather in some winters. And it’s snowing so much and is so cold and the roads are so dangerous to travel that car drivers are asked to stay home and not go to work and some schools are closed because the school buses are canceled. The only ones who resist the cold and the snow are the home care staff serving old people who lives alone and need assistance to get food and comfort. Tire wagons are ready to assist them.

A cold climate can be handled, not a cold heart. Not two frozen children who lost their mother.

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2 kommentarer till Disgusts! (in Scandinavia today)

  1. vonnely skriver:

    Thank you for reading me and thanks for your comment, it is a valued one. If your distinction is what the proposal really is about, that is good! Then it’s about increasing the safety for those living in certain areas!

    But it seems that not only ”ordinary people” and journalists but also some lawyers in both Sweden and Denmark perceived it as I described. And they should know as they are experts in the law, and I am certainly not.

    I did not specify which newspapers and media I had read at that time. So I had to search for sources now to update me. Unfortunately, some newspapers have locked articles. But I found some available. Even possible to read abroad I hope.

    What one could add: if the society wants to improve daily life for people, you firstly don’t focus on harder punishment for crimes committed in certain areas. If such areas have an unemployment up to 40% you focus on give people jobs and schools giving equal qualifications. People don’t choose to live in poverty, simply.

    The mistake I may did was to point finger at Denmark in my heading as I develop the reasoning in the article to criticize the entire political climate in Scandinavia today. I still find it’s disgusting. I’ve change the title on my post.

    Some links in Sweden:

    Some link abroad:

  2. Henrik Lous skriver:

    Vonnely you write that one of the proposed measures put forward are that those who now live in ”ghetto” areas and commit crimes are proposed to receive a double prison sentence against those living in neighboring areas, not classified as “ghettos”. In fact, the proposal is that crime comitted in a so called ”ghetto” area means double-up on the sentence irrespectively of where you live. This is to clamp down on gangs who use these areas as safe havens.


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