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An orderly reception, a proposal for how to seek asylum in Sweden

The government in Sweden today is led by the veteran Social Democratic Party (founded 1889) in a coalition with the minor Miljöpartiet (The Green)(founded 1981). This supporting party has been forced to refrain from many of its main issues, not … Continue reading

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Spring, and I felt like a tapped maple tree

Spring and I felt like a tapped maple tree (after the bloating). Spring said last week “I’m coming”, but I felt lowered like a tapped maple tree (past two weeks of poor bloating). The nights are still cold and therefore … Continue reading

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About the kind of food we buy

It’s now a bit over a month since I watched on Swedish Broadcast TVs website the German documentary ”The Milk System” and then wrote an entry about it (posted February 11th).And I changed my diet… As I didn’t want to … Continue reading

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The question

I woke up this morning thinking: I can’t do this anymore! The question is only: what is it I can’t do anymore? Vaknade denna morgon och tänkte: jag kan inte göra det här mera! Frågan är bara: vad är det … Continue reading

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The persistent presence of your absence

The persistent presence of your absence: you are never in my room, but always in my heart! We are living with longing, you and I, not with each other such we desire! Dazzling days, the dark and lonely nights. Sometimes … Continue reading

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The funny British, around the March 8

To be funny and witty seems to be more important in the British Parliament than be honest and wise. Jokes for one, Brexit for the more – and further, such as Saudi Arabia and China. A clip giving the laughs … Continue reading

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Zelda’s bad dreams (that came true)

I’ve got dreams, dreams to remember Many, many dreams Hard dreams and bad dreams to remember I dreamed one day I won’t to be with you that you were so far away an air plane could not reach you I … Continue reading

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When traveling with a Chinese high-speed train we all look the same

February 28:  The Swedish Tax Agency changed on February 28 the name of Taiwan to “a province in China”. The outcome for us all we may see. I.e. if we then are still free to see! I fear the worst! … Continue reading

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I vintertid, fritt efter Rimbaud

I vintertid färdas mina rosa drömmar vida till blåa säten i en täckt vagn där kyssar, vilda göms i varje mjuk vinkel och vrå Du sluter dina ögon mot isens kyla mot svarta demoner och vargar som yla här kan … Continue reading

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Disgusts! (in Scandinavia today)

Denmark’s government wants to introduce segregation to eradicate segregation. The Danish government has classified 20 residential areas as “ghettos” and to 2030 they want these areas to be gone. The proposed measures put forward are to expropriate housing  and tear … Continue reading

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Three kind of “missing you” days

I’m struggling with three kinds of “missing you” on a daily basis. There’s a gloomy kind of missing when I have a sickness day and see an ugly and unattractive woman in the bathroom mirror, if in morning or midday … Continue reading

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