It’s snowing again and not even an eager little tit turns out to say a chirp. I wash my hair and think about your penis. Yet it’s not so hard lately, that sex thing. It comes and goes, the need. But I dislike being without it, as I think it’s unhealthy. I’m no health advocate, no!  I would be happy living a simple life with you and stay being a lacto-vegetarian. But the latter is not possible for me any longer – because on the ruling level, masses of living creatures are ruthlessly and cruelty exploited and killed in multinational factory productions. It’s horror and a disgrace for humanity and I can’t be a part of it anymore. It’s not about giving people food, it’s just reckless greed, killing our earth.

That is why I have to change my private life style. This new thing I’m going in to, to become almost hundred vegan – it is harder than I imagined. And how will it be for you?  You can’t live with me and be an omnivore! Certainly can’t any animals’ body parts ever be found in my/our fridge – and from now you will not even found cheese or milk there! Except for Feta.

my cat

Yes, I’ve read about goat kids being killed and burned shortly after birth only for the exploitation of the milk for food production! But I’m not a hard core vegan. Could one not make cat food of them, I wonder quietly? (The idea to make house cats to vegans is animal cruelty, even if you are disgusted of meat eating yourself, cats are carnivores – humans are not.) A goat is still an animal as nature created it and that’s the cornerstone in holding domestic animals for utility. So I buy Feta but only from a smaller Swedish family business, getting it’s products from free range cheeps and goats in Greece. The animals eat grass and live a free life in a pastoral idyll – and me, I have diabetes and must hold a strict low carbohydrate diet, I think it’s a fair deal. (I will never become a sectarian, I’m too much free spirit for that!)

It’s still snowing again and now I’m drinking my coffee while my hair dries and I think of you – as always! What are you doing today? How is your mother doing? What will future bring us (all)? The snowing out my windows seems to never end, but I have to leave home and get out there in the snow to buy me groceries – all the different levels of life coming together. Yes, all the levels in a society converges in the life of an individual. So it do in my body and my mind, all while the snowing goes on and my thoughts are with you. People ask “do you really believe what you do/think/say/write means anything or change anything?” Yes, I do! Except for those days I am depressed. And I prefer not to be, if you don’t mind!

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