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Victims or martyrs or heroes?

Some thoughts from an outside person! Inspired by the latest school shooting in USA (Florida school shooting February 14, 2018) a Swedish newspaper has conducted a peer review among their (Swedish) readers with the question ”Do you think it is … Läs mer

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It’s snowing again and not even an eager little tit turns out to say a chirp. I wash my hair and think about your penis. Yet it’s not so hard lately, that sex thing. It comes and goes, the need. … Läs mer

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A perfect woman’s dilemma

              Through the sound of murmuring voices from people in audiences who talk and walk and eat and dance and maybe don’t care of anything that matters strong voices sings from the big scenes … Läs mer

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Incurable love

It’s so easy to fall in love! It’s a bit harder to find love. Hardest of all is to realize you are loved and live with it without freaking out. Why you, I ask myself? You’re everything I’m not and … Läs mer

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I am a private person

I am a private person who is living with words and only with words. It’s so easy to make me feel uncomfortable. But my words are all public and accessible to everyone, yet my words are not touchable (unfortunately, not … Läs mer

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February Sun

        The sun is shining, the birds are singing They think it’s spring, but we know better It’ll take time for our spring to come to us.

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He misses me

              I’ve never been to his hometown, but it’s like I lose my connection with him if he’s just a mile from his house and city. His presence in me is gone and I … Läs mer

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Obscene exploitation: your milk and your coffee

Last Sunday Swedish TV showed a German documentary from 2017 “The milk system” by Andreas Pichler. (I watch it a few days later on internet (SVTplay). If you live in Sweden you find it there to April.) If you watch … Läs mer

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Sweden view, winter time

It’s very cold in Sweden this week, from minus 5C to minus 25C  to 30 in North. I loaded with food in the fridge and my kitchen cupboard last weekend and have since then refused to go out. Badly, today I … Läs mer

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Some call it juice others call it blues

That life is lemons is common knowledge and what you make out of it some people call juice, others call blues. Now – juice need sweetness to be drinkable, but the blues can’t be sweeter than it is in itself. … Läs mer

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