Thoughts in January and the beginning of the new yea about “dead ends” and “Catch 22” – life situations that are unbearable and impossible to handle… Everyone has at some time in life faced it.

In hopeless circumstances where all doors seems closed and you can’t see no way out how you try, you may come to feel like give up trying… then sudden opens a door ajar! Why didn’t you see that door before?

It was never there, or it was not visible for you… But now it is!

When a door opens, let the past go and leave for the new to come! Embrace it with all your heart and with no hesitations. Oh, you may have heard so called wise people say “if it looks too good, it probably is!” Oh, but you also know the tale about “The fox and the grapes”…

Trust yourself: you are strong now, you can handle both the good and the bad!

But if it is so for you that magic door hasn’t come visible to you yet, please don’t give up but keep your faith! Whatever your life looks, you have the worst behind you. Now you can only do the best with what you have – and be happy with that. Good things to come!




I wish you all a very good fulfilling 2018 all your wishes coming true! 🙂

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