In China, God is spelled Xi Jinping

In China, God is spelled Xi Jinping.
Look at the Chinese workers, they are
nothing but brainwashed slaves, who
lives for nothing in a present dystopia,
making commercialized toys for adults
in a blindfolded west, it all resulting in
pollutions of the earth and your mind.

Marx turns over in his grave, while we
stiff-necked bends over Chinese made
cheap cell phones, pretending we know
nothing, addicted to send smiling selfies
over the world. We’re all such hypocrites!

While in China, God is spelled Xi Jinping,
China cut Africa and Europe as pieces of
tasty cakes, own harbors and telecoms and
companies like Swedish Volvo. In the future
Xi Jinping will also own your brain and your
soul. And you sell yourself so cheap!

In China, officials move home to Muslim
families in Xinjiang, all to live with them
so they won’t practice their religion and
not talk Uighur. Because in China, there’s
only one faith, it’s the Communist Party
and its leader is Xi Jinping, he’ll be God.

But in US reigns a moron and his puppets,
make the White House to a madhouse. He
play the dictators around the world, to set
them like fight dogs against each other and
our democracies are left out to disasters, to
drown in ignorant greed and to eat feces.

But in China, God is spelled Xi Jinping and
he’s coming for you next year and he comes
in silence, but you say it’s okay because his
goods are cheap and you desire your welfare
happiness more than freedom of thoughts.

Common man in west fears the screamers
who sets the agenda. Back in the 70s it was
the radical left people who were extremists.
Their loudness brutally silenced all others.
Now rednecks and like-minded do the same.
Loud and hateful voices calls for oppression
and intolerance. People having hearts and
compassion for others becomes paralyzed,
put down in darkness and despair. It’s ugly!

Still, the stories of the contemporary reality
that are too loudly told in megaphones and
the actual historical reality is rarely the same.
Repression and intolerance seems to control
us everywhere, but that’s not the whole truth.
It has never been. Reality is complexity!

You need to open your eyes for progress and
science and for peoples’ good deeds. It’s done
quietly but you can find it in every country on
this earth. But you must also see how in China,
God is spelled Xi Jinping – and he wants you!

You don’t need things to feel good and be happy.
Buy less and never buy Chinese products, they’re
made by enslaved people to enslave you. In China,
Xi Jinping is God – and he wants to barbecue you.




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