(The gown) Lyrics to It’s all wrong, but it’s alright by Eddie Hinton








Nobel  Award Ceremony December 10, 2017. The men got the prizes and the money and the ladies contributed with glamour and beautiful gowns. Yes, 2017!

Swedish Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson and Professor of Economics Richard H. Thaler, United States

I think the Swedish Minister of Finances Magdalena Andersson had the most beautiful gowns of all the ladies. The man at her side is Professor Richard H Thaler from USA, who received the Nobel Prize in Economics.

He became so touched during the prize ceremony he almost cried, what a lovely man… And 9 millions SEK ( a little over 1 million dollars), is he married or free?

Oh, he’s married. I see! What a pity, 71 years old just 3 years older than me, it would had been such a match. Well, no glamour no money no fame, but I got Eddie Hinton on YouTube… 🙂

It’s hard to find the lyrics to his music on line, so here is another great song by him and his coworker Marlin Greene.









Eddie Hinton It’s all wrong but it’s alright

(Written by Marlin Greene and Eddie Hinton,
first released by Percy Sledge in 1968)

If you give your affection to another man
I do my best to understand
I crave your love like a blind man, praise the light
It’s all wrong but it’s alright
When you’re out in the cold I give you my shirt
I’m someone to walk on, I lay in the dirt
‘cause it’s your love that’s keeping me alive
It’s all wrong but it’s alright
You got me wrapped up and I’m so caught up
but don’t ever let me off the hook,
baby it’s the wrong thing but don’t you know
it’s the wright thing now, Lord in my book
Your kiss that would bring a strong man to his knees
I hold you and tremble and pray you won’t leave
but I know, I know he’s waiting yeah out there,
somewhere in the night
It’s all wrong, it’s alright
It’s all wrong, it’s alright
let me tell you now,
it’s all wrong but it’s alright…


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