Bugs (essentials)

The overwhelming amount of testimony (#metoo) that has become to a landslide that so many women and girls throughout the world have suffered all kind of insults from scornful sexist comments (called jokes!), to grabbing and other kind of daily life physical abuses and to rapes. The daily violations of women have under decades been normalized, so if one woman complains she becomes mocked (at best) or kicked out of work and/or ostracized (at worst). And those people around who denies that these bad experiences occurs are both men and women. We have the bullies and the perpetrators and we have the surroundings who put the lid on.

The Italian actress who got the laid stone to roll fast is an example of this. Her disclosure has meant that she has to leave Italy being victim blamed. It’s not that surprising – Italian men have been infamous for decades for grabbing.

And Egypt not to forget. Mohamed Diab’s movie Kairo 678 from 2010 should get a renaissance now. It’s not better in the other Arab countries, honestly. I have met them online for years now, men from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, all ”friends” – but they just can’t help themselves in the long run. Not even online! In daily life they pray 5 times a day, buy sex from prostitutes, kick their sisters out of home if they get pregnant unmarried, questioning in words women intelligence capacity… you name it!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali born in Somalia, first a refugee in the Netherlands and now living in America has been telling about women’s daily lives in a movie in the Netherlands and in her books. She and her mother lived before coming to Netherland in Saudi Arabia and she has written about what a hell it was just to go out for shopping groceries because of the men on the street attacking them with grabbing.

But #Metoo twitter reveals this is common the world over, white western men are not an exception. It is so common that some men have not had a clue as to what their mothers, sisters, girlfriends or wives have been exposed to for years. This is the case not at least in Sweden. Well-known men in Sweden on TV, newspapers and in sport world are hanged out for the public as the pigs they really are – and have been for years. Like a public hush-hush, an elephant in the room.

Women simply have not been able to talk about this without being further humiliated and ridiculed – of both women and men in their immediate vicinity. And all this attention now creates upset emotions in all women, who have lived with this conditions for decades and forced to handled it with repress it to ”move on” with life.

It’s upsetting, yes. But it shows everyone’s daily living area is a political area! And we are not like negligible little bugs that not matters. We matters, our experiences matters.

What it’s all about in a broader perspective is to hold down women in the society by making them feeling insecure and being unsafe in the common social space. All women who have created a social position have made in most ”in spite of all”, and not (entirely) because the our societies have become more equal for women. This is how it has been in the West since the 19th century when women began to put down a foot and demand to be respected as individuals and full members of the society.

But we should not forget we do not live in a totaly heterosexual world. And that dirty urge to get power and control over others is not gender-based or dependent on sexual orientation. Men violated other men the same way. Women violated other women the same way.

This following link gives a story that tell it all how it can be: the beginning like a meeting over a weekend expected to just nice and funny, but which ends in an assault on one participant. The story tells about the abuse, about the first immediate time after the abuse and the traumatic years afterwards and others’ reactions to what has happened in all different stages.

IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Was Raped By A Woman At A Party, And No One Did Anything

That’s for real women and what’s all over all news, TV and Internet. When I don’t check up news I watch British TV drama, they are good at it – the British!

pic from the TV serial ”Doctor Foster” season one 2015

Doctor Foster is a woman, even if so a fictional character in a commercial television series, who refuses to be a victim. Her world crashes when she discover her husband has cheated on her with a much younger woman and furthermore is a scammer who has robbed her on her savings and heritage and the house they live in. She’s rich and has a well-paid job been and she has supported her husband the whole marriage, as he pretended to build a carrier in the business world. But he’s just a scammer IRL. Now he’s find a new milk cow in a young girl with stone rich parents. Doctor Foster can’t get her man back, but she can restore her money savings, get her job and son back and hunt her ex  out of town with his legs between his legs. Borderless and unconventional. Journalists (females!) have reviewed it as a study in female madness and female evilness. That’s weird!

I loved the first season. I hate the second season. The people behind the serial has make some sort of Medea of the woman character. A character no-one can identify herself with.

And all her doing to save her world a second time threatened by this lowlife to man is not realistic in a time perspective. As for example – in a scene sequence she pack a bag to run away without any earlier planning. But in fact in the same very short time it’s later shown for the stunned audience she has made very intricate far going plans including a lot of cooperating people, now sudden her friends. It’s just too shocking for the TV viewer – and too unrealistic.

The ending of part 5 in season 2 is such it ensure that’s possible for the producers to plan a third season. I suppose the people behind the series sees in the female figure a cash cow like the fictive husband character once did. So it’s a double scam.

Besides everything else in this ”daily life story” – you can’t have a full time job and have all that drama privately. As a doctor, she seems not to be good (to me) and she lack the ethics to the profession – even it’s said several times in the plot she’s very good doctor. No, not in my eyes she is – I’m happy I don’t have her as my doctor. The only thought makes me feeling unwell!

At least she is overloaded with action ability. Which has not been seen that much of on the real worlds scenes lately. I  think of what has happened in Spain and Catalonia the past weeks.

The Catalonian President Puigdemont is certainly a master of stepping away from a clarifying declarations. He got on peoples’ nerves in the whole Europe, not only on Rajoy’s and his government. The whole October he has postponed or postponed to let anyone know which will be, even though everyone knows what’ll be!

Puigdemont has said Rajoy is looking for to humiliate him. Well … I don’t think Prime Minister Rajoy has any such personal interest in this ! But how ever this story ends, it can only become humiliating for Puigdemont. It’s obvious – and I can’t understand he has not realized it a long time ago. Did he really believe his strategies could be successful? But maybe this is the strategy?

He and others had begged for the EU toc act as a mediator. I know very little about the EU and politics. Really! But I still know two things 1. The EU cannot enter into a country’s internal conflicts – and thank goodness for that! I also know 2. That the EU does not want newly formed states and that they therefore support the Spanish government. They want to consolidate the EU as a political entity.

In passing – personally, I think the EU should be content with being a trade coalition. This ideas the EU leader have to make the EU to military unit with a common foreign policy is an Napoleon idea I could put on Puigdemont tragic coat for to fight against!

Rajoy has been criticized by his colleagues in Europe for the police violence on October 1. (That referendum Rajoy claimed never had happened.)  But aside that – Merkel, Macron and the other European leaders, including the Swedish Prime Minister Löfven, they are all Rajoy’s best friends and advisers how to handle this delicate situation with the separatists in Catalonia.

I think that the separatists do not think about their own people’s best, but only their own cause. At the same time, the Conservative Government in Madrid has been working since its beginning to undermine the autonomy of Catalonia received by the former Social Democratic government. Rajoy reaps what he saw.

What I find worrying as being a Swede is that the Spanish Government’s will take over the Catalan public service business and media. The freedom of the press and an independent public service are like holy cows here in Sweden.

The latest about Catalonia: finally a decision on Friday 27 in Barcelona – and straight after in Madrid. All leaders explain solidarity with Madrid, except Scotland – and I think that’s cute, the Catalans have at least one part in Europe and a people understand their situation. It’s cute as they are not independent either, but wish now forced into this Brexit situation.
Latest Saturday from BBC An official state bulletin dismissed Catalan leaders and handed control of Catalonia to Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria.
Earlier, Spain’s interior ministry took charge of Catalonia’s police after firing senior Catalan police officials.
Demonstrators in Madrid Saturday evening demands Puigdemont becomes jailed.

For an individual as well for a people it’s important to be free and not like a puppet on a string. Puigdemont is not a puppet on a string, he will not be even if he will be jailed. Rajoy is a puppet on a string. He will be even if he will be the detainer.

The leaders in the EU have enough with to handle Brexit. It’s odd by the way, to see the media photos of Theresa May and the other European leaders standing close together and smiling softly to each other as they are the best of friends and not antagonists in hard negotiations.



Brexit is an internal divider also for the British. Very many don’t want it at all. And the Scottish not. The later was the only who welcomed a free Catalonia. Which is nice as they are the only  – and cute as Scotland under British government can’t recognize a state.


I have had high thoughts about the independence and objectivity of Swedish news reports on public service TV. But that trust has failed this last year. Beginning, I think it was, around the terror attack in Stockholm in April this year. The Swedish police and members of the public made a fantastic job. But Swedish media did not handle it well, but fell for what seems to be called “sensationalism”.

Sensationalism is a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are overhyped to present biased impressions on events, which may cause a manipulation to the truth of a story.[1] Sensationalism may include reporting about generally insignificant matters and events that do not influence overall society and biasedpresentations of newsworthy topics in a trivial or tabloid manner contrary to the standards of professional journalism.

The Swedish TV public service site on internet was a mess if you wanted to read any sensible information. And later this year two highly qualified news anchor was dismissed because they reached the fatal retiring age of 65. Since then I too often gets frustrated when reading Swedish TV News web site. The best with it is you don’t get blocked because you haven’t pay for access as with other news sites in Sweden and abroad. Well, it can be me see things differently now than I did before. I don’t know.

Federica Mogherini

And people experience things differently. My son and I saw a documentary about the EU the weekend before the present. He thought it was a depressing view of EU. I didn’t experience it like that – it just not reach my brain as I consider it as just bullshit, those talk of European crisis and threats . No, I was totally sold of the portrait of the young Federica Mogherini as a salvation creature…

(Europe at Sea, by Annalisa Piras 2017). Swedish title Det hotade Europa (The threatened Europe).

The documentary is made now in 2017 – and British it said in the program guide  – that last allowed us to raise our eyebrows a bit, as thinking Brexit and the next future for the British outside the EU. (But Piras is Italian I have now later found out.)

Actually Piras succeeded well with her movie. But it’s not a true image of reality. Europe is not ”threatened”, all this “crisis” talk is a mind thing. It’s propaganda or at best – a party pleading. People in Africa would laugh their asses off hearing or reading such analysis.

Leni Riefenstahl was also a very good film propagandist.

This week, it has also been decided by the Swedish government that license funding for non-commercial TV and radio operations will end next year and be replaced by a tax. It has taken many years of headache for the politicians to come to this decision – because the principle that the government can never affect public service is so deeply rooted, so that even tax funding has been considered to be a risk taking. However, as this ”objective” ”documentary” revealed, the objectivity of the Swedish public service cannot be taken for granted now either. Individuals need to be aware and not allow themselves to be stupefied.

But actually Swedish TV Public Service is mostly focused on to invest its money on stupefying entertainment programs. And youngsters turn their back at those middle age programs for go to Facebook and YouTube to get updated. And there you have it – the fake world. “The Brave New World” and “Nineteen Eighty-Four”.

Our Social-Democratic Government is good for Swedish trade. And it has managed to close out refugees from Sweden with asylum rights formally preserved. The refugees’ rights is nowadays a formality only on paper, not in real life and practice. It’s all about business and selfish interests that’s count. It’s a clever feat – but make every still thinking Swede feel ashamed over being Swedish.

”Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?”

Our trade minister Ann Linde has visited Saudi Arabia this week from 22 to 25 October. It is her second visit in Saudi Arabia. The Trade Minister defends the government’s contacts with she begins each conversation in Saudi Arabia by talking about ”human rights”. It is of course a formality – too.


I read on the Swedish government website ”About 1000 Swedish companies export to Saudi Arabia, Sweden’s largest export market in the Middle East. Sweden exports around 10 billion SEK per year. Linde will launch the Swedish Institute’s Leadership Program for Women, She Leads, to promote the exchange between Sweden and Saudi Arabia. ”


The conservative party in Sweden (Moderaterna) have elected a new leader and the party is now raising again and taking back the supporters they earlier had lost to the racist party SD (Swedish Democrats).

And what is  the conservatives’ successful recipe? Well, it is a politic who want to criminalize street begging, abolish asylum rights within the country’s borders, making it difficult for immigrants to become Swedish citizens… and this program for success they present on TV news without blushing. OMG!

More to feel sick about: China has had its congress and the party consolidated its dictatorship further. But China as a trading partner is also clean enough for Sweden as for the rest of the world, China is the world’s largest and most hard and inhumane dictatorship! Why is that such a taboo to be outspoken about? Because of trade.

If I want to buy any kitchen utensils I always look at the bottom of the product and if it says ”Made in China” I refrain from buying it. Then it is hard – at least in Sweden – to find other similar product that is cheap and easy to get close by! Israeli products are also common to find in my closest grocery here in Sweden, like a lot of frozen vegetarian products of very good quality. But it’s the same with that, I refuse to buy and eat it.

It is said that EU representatives want to learn military techniques and methods of Israel, is that so? If so, it’s weird. It’s also weird to accuse people for being anti-Semites for dislike the Israeli way of handle their “internal affairs”. But the Israelis have a free media and freedom of speech, not to forget that! If you are lucky enough to be an Israeli of course.

It is not easy for an individual not to be like puppet on a strings, and it is easier to let it go with the flow. But your daily life living room TV set and your kitchen fridge are political arenas too, as well as the aura between you and the other. Modern life is to be forced to make decision about the small things in life – from what you eat, to how to use your brain to how you treat others. You can at least try to be a decent person.

Sometimes media and some other actor like the big supermarkets give the individual the push and helping hand you need. This autumn it has been a lot of reports of what damage plastic do to our oceans. And the groceries doubled the prize for a simple plastic bag for carry the food products. It radically change my behavior. And media has reported it’s a common change of peoples’ behavior overall.

(In passing said, that could be the case for all unhealthy sweetened products too. But in that case the supermarkets overall blame the consumers, claiming unsweetened products is not profitable.)

We strain to gnats and swallow camels.

But what is essential in a “threatened” world? Who are really threatened?

Media has during the year and this last week too reported the best they can about scientists have found that 75% of all insects have disappeared from Germany’s natural areas. It’s possible it as bad in other countries too.

Without insects – no life, they tell. Media try to report this, but this information just drowns in the flood over other news. No one listen to this! Or do you?




We strain to gnats and swallow camels.

That’s what the Buddhists in Burma do too. Strain gnats and swallow camels, I mean. Because they are vegetarians. They don’t want  by mistake swallow a bug. But it is okay to slaughter people because they are Muslims?!

An ex-minister from Burma said that basically it concerns the natural resources that exist where Rohingya people has traditionally been living. Whatever … What country, government, leaders in our world make a real effort to help this horrific eradication of Rohingyas’? Or giving Bangladesh money and skill for handle all refugees from Burma?

”We” do not care much about this minority.

Who are “we”?

”We” are the humans who do not care much about the fact that 75% of the insects have disappeared in some areas, although without them we have no life either. That is “we”!

This is what Angela Merkel should want to put on her plate! As the cause of the bugs is a “to be or not to be”. But maybe she just look for her apple strudel with whipped cream. Again – there will be no apple strudel without insects! We should be essential and real.


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