Why is it so easy to love and so hard to be loved?







Why is it so difficult for a talented woman (like me) to be loved and respected
despite her greatness? Women are expected subordinate the other’s stubborn
ignorance and limitations, right? Having a penis is bigger? Is it? What about
having a brain and using it? How about it, huh?

The guy should have been proud being
loved by me! But he was apparently
too stupid because all he did was to
complain, “so I’m a bad person now?”

It is a hard journey to realize a lover
has no more substance than a fart.
The odor is just as embarrassing as
the shame to have been tricked.

(And then you say bad things because
you’re hurt! From lovers to warriors!)

But like everyone, he simply just want
to be loved. It’s so ironic and pathetic!

It’s too easy to say “I love you”, but it’s
not easy “to have and to hold! It’s not
easy to be loved for who you truly are!

You will not be loved because you
deserve it. Love is a grace and some
of us are blessed with it, others not.
If you urge for true love: get a pet.

Du kommer inte att bli älskad för att du
förtjänar det. Kärlek är en nåd och en del
av oss är välsignade med det, andra inte.
Vill du ha sann kärlek: skaffa dig en hund.










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