The Human Right to Pee and Poop in Peace





There lives 7,5 billions people on earth. 2,5 billions have to go outdoors too pee and poop, 4,5 billions have no access to a toilet in the own household. They have no water to wash their hands. They have no clean water to drink.

Women and girls wait to dark to sneak out at fields to pee and poop, doing this they risk to be sexually attacked and raped. Girls in poverty countries can’t go to school because there is no toilets and they can’t take care of their hygiene during menstrual period and they get harassed by boys and men to and fro school.

Those girls can’t change their life without a change in their life conditions. It start with get an access to toilets and water. Then to schools and education. Further more: abolition of genital mutilation, the right to work on the labor market and to marry freely. The right not depend on males (husband or relatives) for legal rights.

We should all see ourselves in the context being one of 7,5 billion people and be aware in our part of the world not many are forced to live as victims. If you get victimized you can get tools to free yourself from your suffering. You are not defined by your circumstances as people in development countries or in refugee camps.

Imagine not having a toilet. Imagine fear rape for leaving home to pee and poop. Imagine not be able to wash your hands. Imagine to be forced to drink unclean water.

Coming month, November 19, is World Toilet day of UN declared.

Adding: It’s a tendency today people in the West world democracies  acts selfish and xenophobic and abandon the oppressed and vote for popular politicians with a conservative and racist agenda. If we not watch out we will vote in fascism in our countries in soon future.

KIBERA SLUM, NAIROBI, KENYA – AUGUST 2008: Images of impoverished girls who are very vulnerable in their communities, on August 20, 2008 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Nike Foundation for Girls has made small stipends available to fund a community for girls in disadvantaged area based on the fact that girls prove to be a better investment in poor communities than boys do. Many of these girls have now made friends, gained support and learnt job skills via these community facilities for girls. Nike Foundation believes that supporting girls is the key to a better future for everyone. (Photo by Brent Stirton/Getty Images)


Random links:

A quote from the Swedish magazine Vi translated to English. Camilla Wirseen talesperson  Peepoople say:
“That this is primarily a women’s issue has made the case low priority.
Last year, the organization Wateraid tried to make Sweden aware of an equally enormous and neglected gender equality problem – the toilet shortage. A debate article in Uppsala Nya Tidning /local Swedish newspaper/ emphasized that sanitation is a human right that is violated daily – and that is the women who are most affected by the hardest. Having no access to a toilet near their home means that some refrain from eating, which in the long run leads to malnutrition, urinary tract infections and indigestion. In addition to the immediate health consequences, it also means worsening educational and income opportunities. When there are no toilets at school, many girls decide to end the day they get…. 

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