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I read on a Swedish website today that Spain takes over the Catalan police force in order to prevent the referendum the first of October. I’m not briefed about the relation between Catalonia and Spain to have an opinion about this conflict. But anyone can question the way Spain government acts. It’s unwise – and to say it straight out: it’s stupidity.

Once upon a time Sweden and Norway was one country (well, so I believed) with a certain autonomy for Norway. But one day the Norwegian government decided they wanted to be free from Sweden and told the Swedes. The Swedish king got an outburst and screamed ”war”. But the Swedish government said ”No”. The king insisted and the government said ”we can’t afford it and it’s too much fuss, go home to your old castle and be what you should be, a staffage figure and shut up”. And since then 1905 Norway is an autonomous state.

Well, this story I believed in is not true I’ve have found, now checking it. Norway was in union with Sweden, never ”belonging” to ”us”. They ruled their own affairs except for foreign policy and had the same king as Sweden. And the liberation from Sweden was a bit more complicated than in the tale in my mind.

But it may be since then some Swedes seems to think it’s very funny to make jokes about Norwegians and all jokes comes out to be that Norwegians are silly and stupid fools. They are some you laugh at.

I don’t think the Norwegians cares about what stupid Swedes think about them. But their national day is a big and colorful carnival festival. So this union thing must have been uncomfortable for them. Sweden got a national day at first 1983. I certainly not celebrate such a day. Egocentrism and nationalism are quite embarrassing for modest Swedes.

So… since 1905 Norway has its own king and foreign politics. But as the Norwegians once gave Nobel Peace Prize to Burma’s civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi, you maybe can make a little question mark over their acts in the foreign business? Or what?

There is a whole list of leaders now at the time that put you on a risk you to fall into anxiety and despair, for example:
San Suu Kyi
Robert Mugabe
Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Donald Trump
Kim Jong-Un
Vladimir Putin

and (and you can fill in more …)

So it is then… Catalonian prepare for election now the first of October. I hope they succeed to make it. If the Spanish government had stayed calm, it had been a chance the Catalans had voted for stay in Spain. Now is a “no” a likely outcome!

Tomorrow is the election in Germany. Angela Merkel appears as a counter pole in world of leaders of mad men. She (her party) is expected to win the election. If she is the best for Germany – I don’t know. But no doubt she is the best for Europe. We need her desperately, emotionally for what she stands for, giving hope to common man – and objectively for what she actually can provide as a as a representative power factor for Europe.

It is sad to experience that a good person like her gets so mocked by some. She is a true Jeanne d’Arc character, though I probably would not share her internal political and religious standpoints.

Germany has the lowest unemployment figures in Europe, just over 3%. But if you consider German women are expected to work part-time or stay at home full time after marriage and having children, this figure will give you a different meaning.

For Sweden the figure is 6,7% . Yet, this too is depending how you count. Some people are included in labor programs. And for migrants in Sweden is the figure over unemployment a bit over 20 – 22 %.

The German haters have of course a party too. AFD. (In English: Alternative For Germany.) They hate migrants primary. “Of course”! One reason they claim for to be against migrants is the increase in the number of sex crimes, especially rapes.

According to Sweden’s TV website, the number of rape in Bavaria has increased by 50%. And 18% of the crimes are committed by men with foreign background.

But think about it: if you get raped – do you really think the nationality of the dick matters?

My son told me today about another German party named “The party”  – and it has actually a chance to come over the barrier of 5% of the votes! Even if this party idea is simply a satire of politics.

I would not vote for them. But I think the same about the Swedish politicians.What they say when I watch them on the TV news is just blah blah blah blah …


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