Making an apple pie with a secret jewel in mind


After a wakeful night, the dawn
longed and feared and I slept all
morning, this the first and bright
September day.

One of the coming days, I’ll peel
an apple and cut it to cubes and
powder it with cinnamon and put
it in the oven ten minutes, 200C.

Meanwhile I’ll mix crushed almonds,
coconut flakes and soft butter to a
dough, flavored with cinnamon and
cardamom and vanilla powder. I’ll
cover the warm apple pieces with
the dough and put it all back in
the oven for another quarter.

The apple pie will be served with
whipped cream, flavored with an
ounce of vanilla powder and as
a birth day cake for my son.

To the cake I’ll drink my daily coffee,
as I drink it right now and as I’ll do
forever, feeling it pours down into
my throat, spreading its heat in my
frozen soul. Now as every day. Now
as always. Now and forever.

And while I now drink my coffee,
I think of all these days to come
when I’ll be cradled in your
memory and you in mine.

If I’ve lost you, I’ve lost a jewel.
That is how I think about you,
you to know,  nothing to add.





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