Cruel love dance

To love or not to love
is not the question.
The question is: how
is your daily life?
Is it building you up,
giving you a confident
happy feeling to have
your feet on a solid
and safe foundation
or does it shatter you
to sand, making you
feel miserable?

Again you’ve made me cry.
But you never ask me why,
as you pretend not to know
you make my tears to flow.

You pretend you have no ties.
But it’s not like you tell me lies.
No, you just runs off from here,
gone for days not telling where.
And if you ever say any, you say
it’s just your normal way.

Then back you ask me arrogant,
(totally neglecting the elephant)
if I’ve been missing you? And
sadly, it is what I always do,
that’s why my tears flow.

And it’s so bad living so sad.

Your blind cruelty make our love doomed.
We never talk about the elephant in the room.
And I never ask you why you make me cry.
You tell me all the time you love me so much.
But to love or not to love is not the question.






this poem was written to an amazing and dramatic boogie dance performance to Elvis singing “Don’t be cruel” but unfortunately the video is removed from YouTube and that is really a killing for my text. Sorry about that

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