I am what’s true for you

Summer dreams, Aldo Luongo

I wake up at 7.03 am and
still half asleep I wonder
“am I living a dream”. But
soon clear in mind I think –

“What does it matter if it is
a dream I’m living? I pay my
bills and take my pills, I check
the TV news and eat healthy
every day, I waste sorting my
garbage and I read my books,
I don’t trouble anyone and I
have no opinions that would
hurt any, so what if I’m living
a dream that is just a fantasy
made up in my head and not
true in what people call real
world? If so, no harm done!
It can be. Yes – I can have it.”

Maybe you think the same
about what’s me, where you
are far away in this morning
in July, dog days. All what’s
in your world, is misplaced
in my world and all around
me is not right for you. But
you are what’s right for me –
your essence and smile, your
body and pure loving heart.
And I am what’s true for you.

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