A rainy day in late June (the rag rugs of life)

It rained heavily when I woke up this morning,
But as I had my first coffee for the day, the sun
broke through and the clouds were scattered
and those left whitening to pretty angel faces.

I’ve been thinking lately a lot about domestic stuff,
as I need to renew a little in my home, like buying
new carpets. I actually bought a new carpet to my
living room the other day at the local IKEA store.

Carried home by my son home on vacation and
after hanging some days on the balcony to air
the smell of chemicals, the new carpet was finally
placed at the floor in my living room. I looked at it
and realized I hated it – the color and the pattern!

Now the carpet is banished to my bedroom floor.
And as I woke up this morning the first thing I put
my feet on this carpet. And I found I still dislike it.

Make it cosy at home seems to be an issue of both
taste and money assets! And I don’t have enough
of either one or the other. Yet a part of my brain is
(still) occupied with these trivial household matters.

I’ve decided to give it up and get some traditional
Swedish rug rag carpets, fabric made of course but
similar to the ones my grannie once wove.

Note – I live in Sweden and we Swedes are obsessed
with coziness and diets and fitness. Some believe it’s
because we live in a secular society without religious
faith and habits – but I believe people choose what’s
easy and convenient and flattering for them, avoiding
to broaden their minds and confront what’s complex.

Now eating my simple cheese sandwich I look at my
lover at the computer screen. He has log in only for
to have a chat with me, but my constantly working
brain wonder…

… if I keep myself to what’s real or if I live in
a fantasy world – about love and him and life
and if I do enough –  such difficult questions.
I don’t know if he thinks the same – what’s
real and possible and worth the effort?

But being caught in breakfast I try to chew
my crispbread as discreet as possible, it all
while we talk about nothing at all.

It was still raining when I made my breakfast
and I was then thinking about a certain denying
president (I don’t want to ruin the day recalling
his name) and about the environment changes,
which are so obvious – in my part of the earth.

The climate change giving higher temperature has
changed the seasons. Now latest we’re dealing with
serious water shortage, the level of groundwater i.e.

Well, it certainly has rained a lot lately. But only
to the grasses benefit. All the water coming from
the sky doesn’t go deep enough down into the soil
to increase the ground water level.

On the surface the grass flourish green and lovely.
Yes yes  – but I can’t cope more with lovey-dovey
so early in my day. I end the chat to take a shower
and start the day…

The future starts where you stand, it’s said. And
I really shower less often and quicker than before.

I intend to later go down town and I know I’ll
still deal my three simultaneous and brooding
brain issues: nesting, environment issues and
the purpose of (my) life…

This day in late June, so similar to other humble
days coming and passing by in the lovely and lazy
Swedish summer, yet not quite the same as before.

Typical Swedish rag rug like the ones my grandmother wove

weaving woman, photo of an oil painting by Olle Olsson (Östergötlands Arkivförbund) ostergotlandsarkivforbund.se/garamalningar/vavande-kvinna-a-lundby/

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