What to do when the thrill is gone?


She once had a crush on him.
He hadn’t a clue but went after
some blonde called Emma or
Ruth or something, treating him
like shit. She forgot him but she
was still searching for something
to hang on to. Then he saw her
pic in a paper and called her up,
saying he had loved her all time.
They walked the same road, all
by the schedule: desire, passion
and jealousy, passion, desire and
jealousy and so on. At same time,
they got to know each other well,
certainly a risky trap for attraction
and lust. A word was said by one
and the other’s feelings went with
no warning from fire to ashes and
passionate love to deep friendship.
What to say and what to do when
you still care but the love track has
become a daily life driving in deep
wheel-tracks, the thrill is gone but
the other wants you as before?





I very much like Eagles’ lyrics in the song “After the Thrill is gone”. If you want to, you can check it up on youtube.com/watch?v=sYi4vYBIh1k&list=RDsYi4vYBIh1k
But nothing beats B B King! I read in an interview with B B King there he said something like the secret to keep the thrill in his performances is to play a song as it was the first and last time he played it. And it works with me, I certainly have kept the thrill for this great blues man! ūüôā
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