And the lilacs bloom another year





The first of June and summer at last.
But my back aches after a bad night.
Two painkillers and then the bus to
the supermarket to buy cat food. To
feed the cat is my merely obligation,
(you shan’t think anything else). I’m
back at 2 PM at the rental area and
yard where I live my life. Lilacs blooms
all over between the houses. I’ve seen
lilacs bloom for now 69 times and for
68 years and many years gone I’ve acid
the view of lilacs with seeing them as
symbols of romance (probably not to
come true). When I now pass the yard
to my front door, I decide to give up all
such thinking, let lilacs bloom and give
their fragrances for nothing and me not
expecting anything, summer just lovely
and mere that. But I’m still not well and
back home I go straight to bed and then
I sleep till 7 PM, the window ajar. If you
want me any, you know where to find me.




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