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Wanting you is like trying to catch the wind

  Yes, my pure-hearted lover and my sweetest thing in the world! I was thinking of you too the past sleepless night and when I finally fell asleep, I woke less than three hours later just before 6 AM and … Continue reading

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Once I looked for Mr. Goodman

Once I looked for Mr. Goodman. He was a good Christian man, but he never made it and I went on alone. And then the American people elected Donald Trump as Mr. Goodman, well: “fuck you”: Mayor of London, Pakistani … Continue reading

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What to do when the thrill is gone?

  She once had a crush on him. He hadn’t a clue but went after some blonde called Emma or Ruth or something, treating him like shit. She forgot him but she was still searching for something to hang on … Continue reading

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Nitty Gritty

Now ladies and gentlemen, may I please present your dancers with their interpretation of the nitty-gritty

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Love you as you are

I’ve gained 6 kilos and you’ve lost 2 kilo. I’m too fat and you are too skinny. I’m too old and you’re too young. I intends to improve your thinking, I said. It’s nothing wrong with that if you in … Continue reading

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Callow mind

Know that I can feel your pain now. Know that I cannot do any for you. Know that you have a callow mind. Your words were too often ignorant and lacked empathy and insight in others emotional lives. I don’t … Continue reading

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