“Sister”! You made me shiver!

“Sister”, you grabbed me by the throat
and you ripped the buttons of my coat
and you really made me shiver and choke.

And then you craved to come intimate
and have me like your rabbit in a crate!

You wanted to make me shiver and be shy
for just being me, I never understood why.
But there were no pleasure but only sorrows
to be attacked by your sharp envious arrows.

Oh but sister, let’s us get this to go well!
(Even if I want you to go to straight to hell –
it can’t be done but it surely would be swell!)

The two brothers Knopfler, Mark and David, in Dire Straits at the times they were still talking to each other

So, let me suggest you to take a step back
and stop snoop around to follow my track.
You can’t snap others and still be yourself.
(If not jealousy on others is your true self?)

No, I don’t try to decide what’re your ways
but for sure, I’ll not let you spoil my days.
I’m leaving you now to never look back –
and you can do whatever with your sack!

Let evil deeds go to evil and good deeds go
to good and let peace come to everyone!


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