(A rose to my) cyber friends






I go to bed late at night and before
I fall asleep I recall the past day –
and I ask myself “Is this all there
is to my life?” I wake in mornings
facing a new day and I ask myself
the same! Silent space above –
I’m alone and on my own, but
that’s what I’m used to be.

Blindly I reach out for friends in
an infinite and uncertain space
that I once thought was empty.
And I can sense them breathe
when they are facing me and it
strengthen me and it warms my
heart. I’m so proud and blessed
to have them, all my friends in
cyberspace. They are like a rose
on my pillow when I go to sleep
at night and when I wakes up to
a new morning light.

A man offers a rose to a woman to mark International Women’s Day in Belgrade March 8, 2010. REUTERS/Marko Djurica







Once again (yes!) I make a try to put together a poem collection of my posts.  This is  a poem from one earlier year. I removed it now as it was not good enough – but I still found something in some lines to make a new poem of it. Must add: my mood is much better than this poem was first written. I had then been diagnosed with diabetes and became very badly sick of the medications. And the manuscript I had worked so hard with  24/7 and for weeks and sent on e mail to a book publisher, was lost because of online scammers. So I was depressed and exhausted at the time. Internet is really Janus-faced.
Yet and not to forget, I have met very nice people online.  I’m lucky to have 3 – 4 close friendships which have last for years now. But I have surely met hundreds and hundreds of short time friends – for better or worse… This is my thanks to those who were/are a nice company to me no matter for short or long time  – thank you! 🙂
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