Rock me baby, I’m 68 years old today!

Yes, I become 68 years old today! Old old old, I’m told – but like all elderly people I not feel old at all. Well, that’s what everyone thinks from age 32 to 92.

Yes, but you know how we are, we mature people! Whatever what we say – in real life we try to adjust living to the real age.

Therefore I exercise every day to stay healthy and get even older. My hobbies are gardening, my grandchildren and knitting. Now and then I have a coffee with my few but nice female friends and we also like to go on weekend trips to Holland and look at tulips and Vermeer.

I have a Wednesday group at the church there I live, where we teach unfortunate immigrants to converse in Swedish. Everyone can now say “thank you very much” and “coffee” in Swedish…

I have (of course) a male friend of “my age”, a widower who lives on his own, taking care of his own laundry and garden and grandchildren. We meet on Friday evenings for dinner and friendly and not too demanding hugs. Just to stay healthy, you know!

Johannes Vermeer The Lace maker

Yes, well – that’s how it should be…

But to tell you the truth (I don’t know if I dare!) – I have actually no grandchildren and no garden. I never knit. But I did, I have to admit when I was young and in my 20s.

I wish I was slim, but I’m not. I’m fat. And I hate fitness and I can’t handle small talks. Although even 68, my hair is only a little bit gray but not much. It’s a heritage from my father, who kept his origin hair color to old age. Well, he never became that old, he died at 71. Yes, it’s scary close my age…

I look at least 10 years younger than my age and it’s a heritage for my mother. (She died at age 76!) People who see me only on photos, believes the pics are retouched and that I try to scam people. It happens I gets blamed for it, but I think that’s a bit unfair, really!

I have no female friends around me, but I wish I had. I certainly not join any church groups, as I dislike all religions. I don’t teach anyone anything, but I have a “sister” who I avoid and she thinks I’m very political and radical and outspoken in public. Yes well, I admit – I do lecture people (if I get the chance, but I certainly don’t …)

I don’t have a man “in my age” in my life for social dinners and nice and purposeful hugs with no complications. No, but I live alone with a cat and spend my days writing poetry about love and passion as I were 35 years old, still hot but not shy anymore. I have no sex life, but I have a long distance romance with a much younger man with a sexy beard and nice looking legs.

I love him but he drives me crazy with his conservative opinions about religion, politics, sex, women and homosexuality and whatever can be – it all would be understandable if he were a young man living around 1817, but it’s not for a young man at the year of 2017. So actually he’s much older than me!

What more to say? Well, I don’t let age effects my doing. No, but I’m really scared to be old and grow older, because that force me to face my personal death.

That’s something you can’t say loudly as the instant response from the other is “no one knows who dies first, it can be me”. It’s so annoying! Oh, it can be true – but it’s not much of a comfort, really! My straight road is shortened! It’s a fact and I don’t like it – but I want to be allowed to talk about it!

But now I greet you all: “May I live forever, but may YOU live forever and a day….”

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