Some thoughts about the art of writing and the art of reading





To write words and get it right is not always easy, but it’s nothing to compare with the shock it can be, getting to know what the person reading you believes you have written!

I hope imaginative interpretations most appears in the reading of poems and listening to song lyrics – and less as possible in our daily life communications and rational reading for information. If that happens as often as for poems and songs, it is really a disaster for us. Then we should consider to stop use words as tools and maybe mime instead – as it then would be obvious for us we are guessing trying to interpret the other’s message to us.

It would be good if people could avoid to put their personal values in artistic words. Yes, I actually think so – in these times when so much is politicized and violent and words are given bad contents that was not meant to be, but putting at risk to harm people around you.

As I remembered from reading an interview, Bono in U2 once said he was a bit surprised the song “With or without you” often has come to be played at weddings.

Yes, it is really surprising! Just listen to the words actually told in the song! If listening, then the happy two maybe would give the marriage a second thought!

“Save us all” is a lovely song  by Tracy Chapman. But I can’t figure out why Christian singers happily sings this words in churches? At best this song tells you “to save us all” from hallelujah singers. And I think Chapman said something like that too about this song.

(Quoting Chapman: “I…thinking about how we sometimes need to be saved from the people who think they need to save us.”)

Another nice song is the old hit by Norman Greenbaum “Spirit in the Sky” from 1969. He sung about Jesus in a tune as if he didn’t know the guy (and he didn’t, he was and is a Jewish believer). Christians should not embrace this song and use it, but call it a blasphemy. It is actually.

But I read on the comments on YouTube a guy say he wanted this song played on his funeral. That is so strange to me! Well… why not also hot babes at the funeral marching to the grave, dancing cancan?

To write words is not easy, no! But you just have to learn to let it go when you once have published your words. You may still have the copyright, but you don’t own the understanding of your texts anymore. Now the reader becomes the writer, writing with clouds on the blue sky as a screen meanings of your lyrics you never would have guessed could be…

So it’s lost. But you are anyway on a new track, writing on something else and new …


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